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108 Shiva

Aalingana Chandrasekara Moorthy

There is another incidence to be referred to the moon. The father in law of Moon. Punished Chandra (Name of moon) and that all his charm and strength began to reduce. Chandra prayed Lord Shiva and got the asylum on the head of Lord Shiva. So, in a month the moon will be diminishing for 14 days and the boon of Lord Shiva will be giving power to regain the strength in another 14 days. That is why the waxing and Vanning of moon occur in Zodiac.
People, who are in need of health, should pray Lord Shiva for an early recovery to continue a happy life.

Abaya Lingeswara Moorthy

When Markandeya was given asylum by Lord Shiva, the divine Yama was constrained to face death. The ferocious attack by Lord Shiva created unbearable heat upon the universe. The divines and the devotees of Lord, begged Markandeya to console Lord Shiva. Markandeya being blessed with wisdom and great knowledge by Shiva, he started to sing the devotional lyrics on Shiva. The profound themes and melody were such that provoked the feelings of Lord Shiva and resulted to the compromise. Lord Shiva observed the calm state and pardoned the Devine Yama. The earth had reached to the routine. The duty of Yama to rule upon lives on earth continued. The normalcy was reached. So the idol defined here is for reaching the calm state. Every where, now days more and more complications and confusions are prevailing. Several places, there occur conflicts and quarrels. The need of peace is a forgotten matter.
So it is essential to worship Lord Abaya Lingeswara Moorthy who could well honor to the call of devotees to flourish with peace and prosperity.

Adhi Rudhra Moorthy

There are several happenings which end only in war and destruction. Lord Shiva kill the enemies on the ground of justice.In the Zodiac there is one star called Arudra. The Almighty’s star is Arudra. The sages of good old ages have written this. Still the festival “Arudhra Dharshan” we celebrate during December. (Margzhali).Rudhra is ‘Aasu kopi’ (sharp mood of anger) and he is having the “Thrishoolam” in his right hand. Feelings are observed with different qualities in different times such as fighting, touching, smelling, hearing and seeing. We are able to see the Lord Shiva in graceful states as well as frightening moods. People are also of different varieties. The persons with fearful nature are quite common every where. From the category of students to merchants, many of them worried much for the situations.

Students may be with fear to get promotion. Merchants are worried with business and unsold stocks. Like wise almost all categories and sections of society will be with complicated problems.
When the prayer is continued with the idol of “Lord Adhi Rudhra Moorthy” the self confidence, and successful opportunities are naturally annexing with the bewildered devotees.

Aghora Rudhra Moorthy

The different forms of Lord Shiva in the title Rudhra resembles with the manifestation of great anger with bold and positive look of destroying. Here the appearance is exhibited with teeth which are projecting horribly in both side of mouth. At a glance, if any one happens to look, will feel great fear. He kills all the enemies who do harm to His devotees.This atmosphere of destruction, He continues on account of putting an end to devils. Devils as demons described several times. But in the human heart itself there occur the injustice, unlawful desires, thoughts of killing, plans of stealing, ideas to possess the other person’s properties etc. These kinds of acts are also considered as devilish nature. The mankind should give importance and deserve them selves for a dignified life. All these doctrines are composed in this image.
When a person happens to behave out of gears, the Lesson-Teller is Lord Shiva. So, one can attain peace first and proper development with prosperity will reach next. At home sometimes children will behave with rough nature and rough tendencies. Even if the parents advice for the welfare of them, they will not obey. For such type of persons we should teach them to pray Lord Agora Rudhra Moorthy who will bring peace and pave prosperous way to life.


Anantha Thandava Moorthy
This is one of the dancing states of Lord Shiva. At the time of the creation of this universe, Lord Brahma created the creatures and all kind of beings on this universe. Then the Lord Brahma wanted Lord Shiva to give the phonetics, languages and their sounds. Then He started his dance. This is called as “cosmic dance”. He is having four hands. The first right hand is the blessing hand. The second right hand is adorned with the small musical drum which is called as “damarukam” or “udukkai”. The second left is perpendicular to the first right hand with the palm facing his left foot. He stand on one leg and lift the other leg with magnificent appearance. Those who pray Lord Shiva will the blessed with happiness. This posture indicates Lord Shiva is influencing the time, earth sky and space. Just imagine, where a stage for her dance could be arranged. All over the shy and space the marvelous way of dances (Thandavam) He perform and create the sound, music, languages and ragas (tunes).

This image is mainly for proper worship to the people of education and arts.

Anantheeswara Moorthy

“Yaga Sala” (place where the sacred fire is kept) is the place where Lord Shiva gives Dharshan. His accoutrements of arms are occupying his ten hands. His appearance is with four heads. Arrow, Bow, Lotus Flower, Trisoolam, Rudraksha, and Sacred water pot are all seen in his hands. He is seen in a comfortable sitting position. We can think for a moment about the circumstance in which the Lord is engaged. He is great and He is every thing. What can be his needs and thus He is present in the Yaga Salaa. As for as He is considered endless, His meditation is also endless. The nobility and modesty are the basic principles are to be followed even if a person is considered in a top most rank. To develop the character and maintain honesty and dignity Lord Ananteeshwara will be guiding His devotees for their truthfulness. The persons under categories like lecturers, Priests, artists, technicians, astrologers and learners of art and music should have the practice to worship Lord ‘Anatheeswara’ regularly. Their improvement, future and acquiring fame are all depending with the homage to this Deity.

Andhaka Asura Samhara Moorthy

Lord Shiva, in a war with Andhakasura, came out victoriously after killing him. He was a demon king. He was blind. Even then he behaved as an enemy to the divines and the devotees of Shiva. The troubles were unbearable and devotees at last, every body prayed Lord Shiva for their rescue. He appeared before demon with great anger. Andhakaasura with his skills of thantra fought with Lord Shiva. The weapons he employed were of the, qualities of great destruction. Lord Shiva did not permit and re attacked the demon with his Thirisoolam (sharp weapon with three edges) and killed him. Lord Shiva’s appearance with Andhakaasura is well exposed in this image. The activity of curbing down the demon gave great relief to the divines and devotees. In the human life several times they have to cross with enemies. The tortures of such kind will vanish. The good omen will intervene and thus the satisfaction and freedom will be reached to the devotees.

The specific images, when prayed with devotion, the devotees are graced with progress and relief from the evil and troubles.


Annamalai Nardhana Moorthy
Nardhana is the art of Dancing. Lord Shiva is the Deity of one among the three who attend birth, growth and death of all beings. Death is the job of destruction for re construction. Even this world will face destruction one day. Lord Shiva is the authority for destruction.
Lord Shiva is in form of fire at Thiruvannamalai,a holy place in the southern part of India. It is famous for “Girivalam”. The homage to Lord Shiva is given after a long walk covering four miles around a Hill called as “Thiruvannamalai Girivalam”. It is known fact that the sages and Rishis are still live in several forms around the Hill. During every full moon day the devotees begin their walk around the Hill and complete the round and pay homage to Lord Shiva who renders His boons to all of his devotees. On the occasion, the huge crowd will assemble. Specifically during the month “Karhtikai” (December) the lighting of the fire at the top of the hill is a notable incidence. God in form of fire (one among five elements) present on the occasion and bless the mankind. When the formation of world took place, God through his Nardhana rendered the sounds, music, languages, arts, and grammars for the fertility of the society of human kind. Since this place “Annamalai” is with full of divine power the people, all over the world come on the full moon day and get the blessings of Lord.

The persons with knowledge of meditation, and those who need a peaceful life should worship Lord Shiva in the facet of Annamalai Nardhana Moorthy.

Anugraha Anantheswara Moorthy

Anantheswara is one of the facets of Lord Shiva. A peaceful atmosphere and the abundant grace of knowledge and wisdom are adorned in the presence of Lord. He is giving Dharshan upon a Lotus Flower. The powerful weapon called 'Vajrayutha' is in his hand. His concentration in meditation teach every body the necessarily of acquiring will- power. After a birth of thought in brain, the analyzing process takes place. The consciousness argues with good and bad and permits the person for action. The decision links to the deeds involved.
The prayer with pure devotion to Lord Shiva in this form will positively pave a way of remarkable development in all deeds.
Those who are poor in knowledge will be granted with the blessings of Lord 'Anantheswara'. Peaceful atmosphere at Home will be realized. The persons engaged in research, invention, introduction of new products will be much benefited.
Those who are expecting good settlement in life with peace will also be granted with the blessings.



This is one of the most important forms of Lord Shiva. Shiva is with Shakthi. Shakthi means power. In a body the bones form the structure of the body. Bone alone cannot move nor do anything. Lord Shiva if considered as basic structure, the flesh, nerves, vision, life and sound, are considered in the form of Shakthi. Shakthi, is none other than Goddess Umadevi, his wife. So the unity of both prevails in every body and all kind of lives on earth. Saints and sages explain this great theme under the basic principles of life on earth. Devotees, when they face any kind of jerk by inferiority and superiority inside the family or in places where they are doing their professions should take the opportunity to pray the Lord Ardhanareeswara. The equality as well as respectability will blossom in their life. This form is seen with Goddess Uma Devi. She is sharing the half of the Body of lord Shiva. Half of the body is seen as male and the other half as female.
In the society every one should have diplomatic nature of behavior and adjust according to the necessity of the circumstances. So that the incoming troubles can be avoided. Other wise the jealous and greedy nature of others will cause inconveniences.

For trouble free livings the habit of cleverness to be developed. Lord Ardhanareeswara, when prayed with devotion, He will guide and convert every one with good status and prestige.

Ashta Buja Kaalari Moorthy
Ashta buja gives the meaning of eight hands. The deed and activities defined here, will be relating to the killing of Yama by Lord Shiva. The facets are in form of fighting and destructing is again and again explained here to come to a conclusion that there is a battle always between good and bad. If we examine the nature of demons, they lived a lawless life. They did not merit justice. So they were killed. Here the divine Yama a duty conscious authority is punished. The Lord Shiva, a supreme power of all the worlds, planets and space. in the case of Markandeya, He Himself framed the law that Markandeya should be permitted to live up to sixteen years. When the parents of Markandeya begged the boon the Lord gave them two options. Lord Shiva’s first option was that a son to live a long but without knowledge and wisdom. The second option was to bless a son who could live only sixteen years but with profound knowledge. This boon at the final stage granted with the second option. Lord Shiva took the privilege to break his own law and saved Markandeya from Yama. At the same time he grants the boon to Markandeya to live upon this world always with the character of age of sixteen. Markandeya lives still. From this act we can find the deity Lord Shiva as most generous.

This image is having enormous power to bless the devotees who make their prayer to Ashta Buja Kaalari.

Ashta Buja Rudhra Moorthy

This image of Lord Shiva has eight hands. And that is why he is called “Ashta buja rudhra moorthy”. He is in naked Form. It is already explained that the Lord has neither beginning nor an end; but exist every where. When we look the sky, we could see Blue sky without any boundary. Lord Shiva has neither form nor shape. The Five elements in which Lord Shiva exists are “Sky and Fire and Water and Soil and Air. These are the main elements in which we observe Lord Shiva. With all his eight hands his powerful accoutrements are occupying. The mankind will have the benefits of safe guarding themselves from the evils. The weapons like arrow, trisulam create boldness in every body’s heart.

In human society there are sections of people under the grip of fear and confusion. Ashtabuja rudhra moorthy helps all of us to have the clear “vision”, boldness and perfection in all the deeds. People engaged in cultivation, Arts, crafts and manufacturing will have to follow the worship of this deity “Ashta Buja Rudhra Moorthy”.


Asithaanga Rudhra Moorthy

Lord Shiva and a swan create the pleasant atmosphere. He is having a small sword-type weapon also in his right hand. This gives a good doctrine that at any moment any thing could happen. So it is to be active and careful in respect of unforeseen attacks.

The Rudhraksha "Sacred beads'' in form of chain is also seen in his hand. The purpose of meditation and the essentiality is revealed in his appearance. He is naked and having a sacred water pot. "Nirvana” answers nakedness and its resulting meaning is formless. God has no form or shape yet He exists everywhere. The swan is a bird which has a special talent. Swan will drink milk at the same time the water added in it, will be separated. Like wise the people on earth have to undergo in several matters. They should be able to distinguish the good and bad. In several cases the so called bad will be much attractive and diverting the people to do the bad things for the sake of their desire.

Asithaanga Rudhra Moorthy teaches the truth to man kind and shows the illusion very clearly and paves a life of straight forwardness.


Aswaarooda Moorthy
"Aswam" means horse and "Arooda" means mounting on horse back for riding. In this form Lord Shiva is seated on a horse. In one hand he is holding an Umbrella. There is a story for reference. The king of Madurai was in need of best horses for his gallantry. The king asked his minister "Thiruvathavoorar" to buy good horses. The minister was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. The minister went with huge money in form of gold, to buy the horses. On one night during his travel he had a dream, in which Lord Shiva appeared and ordered him to build a temple for Him. The minister began to spend all the gold coins for building the temple. Knowing the news the king got angry and put the minister in prison. But Lord Shiva appeared before the king as a servant of minister and delivered the horses to the king. But in that same night all the horses turned as that of foxes and killed the remaining horses also. The minister was tortured again by the king. Only at the prayers of minister Lord Shiva blessed the foxes to become horses. The minister composed a hymn in praise of Lord Shiva called "Thiruvasagam” which is treated as sacred look.

 By worshipping Lord "Aswarooda Moorthy" all are be blessed with the grace of Lord Shiva. People who belong to the talent exhibiting nature have to adopt to pay devotional homage to this form of Lord Shiva.

Beema Rudhra Moorthy

The name “Rudhra” represents the “Parakrama” of Lord Shiva. Parakrama gives the meaning of enormous strength, combined with anger. The Beema Rudrar is the Almighty Shiva. His accoutrements sword, axe, trisulam, firepot and a stick are occupying in His hands with magnanimity. Beema in common referred to the crossing of age above seventy, the knowledge and experience in life are getting matured, at this age. In Maha Bharata Beema is one among five Pandava brothers, ruled Hasthinapura. He was a strength and brave person. He was well versed in wrestling. He killed his enemy ‘Duriyothana’ in wrestling.

In this image, Lord Beema Rudhra is seen with majestic appearance of strength. The devotees specifically engaged is gymnast, should pray this deity for a positive progress.

The military officials, soldiers and the persons engaged in guarding are blessed with boons of Lord Shiva.

Beeshana Rudhra Moorthy

This is a very rare view; to see the Lord with lion. His hands are with Trisoolam, a cup of blood, knife and lotus. Lord’s presence is focusing a situation demanding the enemy to surrender. If the justice could not be maintained the result would be with war. The cup of blood shows the ends that happened to the demons. This brave appearance is a guidance and support for the devotees. The peaceful life of a human being is much disturbed due to the enemies. The colleagues and neighbors will become enemies at some situations. The main reason is ‘jealousy’. The look of such people will spell evil in the life. When, such incidents increase, the restlessness, confusion, sleep-less ness and ill health will begin to spoil one’s routine life. The devotees of Lord Shiva will be always with honesty. Nothing could be able to ruin them.

 The prayer to “Lord Beeshana Rudhra Moorthy” will act in time to resist such evil and give prospects.


Bhairava Moorthy (Vairavar)


This image of Lord Shiva varies from Bikshatana Moorthy and presents a new appearance. A dog is along with Him and his appearance is naked. The much regarded God, one among the trinity, who has no desire even to wear clothes. The great meaning behind this is to be compared with the vast blue sky. In the nighttime we can see the moon. Lord Shiva is called as Chandra Sekara. Lord has given asylum to the divine moon. This entire importance permit to get obliged with the image that Lord Shiva is in the form of sky and space. This is one of His five forms. Who can stitch a dress for the sky? No. None can stitch a dress for the sky.

We can understand the simplicity of the Lord here. He is attached to no desire, no passion but existing everywhere. His kindness and mercy are always for the welfare of human beings. Knowing this secret very many people should worship all the forms of Bhairava Moorthy. Big officials, investors, students, bachelors, virgins, teachers, and judicial people worship Lord Bhairava and maintain their status and prestige.


Bikshatana Moorthy


An old Sanskrit verse praises Lord Shiva as follow,
"Swayam mahesha swasuro nagesha saka dhanesaha sutho ganesha thavaapi bikshatana meva sambo baree yasi kevalam easwara aischa".

Once, long back, there held a argument between the Rishis and their wives. Rishis were on firm faith on meditation and declared that the meditation was the best one. But the wives of Rishis and Brahmins strongly objected and expressed that it was chastity that alone could prove best among all. The chastity could be maintained with the base of discipline where one could find the neatness and chastity and that place would be full of Godliness. The chastity explained further, one should live with pure love with only one person as a husband or wife till to the end of life.

When the argument was going endless, there a “young beautiful man" appeared with all the charming. He was having a "Thiruvodu" an earthen vessel to collect food. All the wives of Brahmins and Rishis were attracted by his beauty and lost their chastity on the act of admiring a stranger. Purity in heart was spoiled since the thought of love with the stranger considered sinful. The

Brahmins and Rishis by virtue of their rituals, wanted to destroy the young man. They sent a venomous serpent to kill him. But the serpent did not do any harm to the young man who took the snake and garlanded himself on his neck. The young man was Lord Shiva the Almighty who taught the lessons to the Rishis and their wives. All of them fell at the feet of Lord Shiva and got the blessings. The meditation is the best for ever.

This image called "Bikshatana moorthy” is the best to have more and more blessings from Lord Shiva. Those who pray this image of Lord Shiva will never suffer for food.

Bujanga Lalitha Moorthy

Kashyapa was a Rishi. Karthu and Vinatha were the wives to him. Vinatha had Garuda as her son. Garuda was a bold and strengthy Bird. Karthu was having a son who born as snake called Bujanga. There was a challenge between these wives. It was to exhibit and confer the best beauty among them. Vinatha failed in that contest. She was kept in jail. Garuda the son of Vinatha in order to save his mother fought with all including the Divine Land.

Lord Maha Vishnu in honor to praise his braveness gave two boons. The first one was the nectar (Amirtha -  water which will give him divinely status) and the other one was to be the mount of Lord Mahavishnu. By the divinely status he rescued his mother. Karthu the first wife of Kashyapa prayed Lord Shiva to give asylum to her son who was a snake. Lord Shiva granted her prayer and took her son, the snake as his ornament to be with him always. Bujanga Lalitha Moorthy is the image to be worshipped at the time of any need, which relates to the statuesque.

Sport person going for contest and political person for elections should worship Lord Bujanga Lalitha Moorthy for a great success.

Bujanga Thraasa Moorthy

At the time when there was a dispute between the Rishis and their wives on a subject of superiority. It was to crown whether the chastity or meditation as the best one. A young man with very beautiful appearance came there saying "Biksham Dehi". In his beauty, all the wives who were disputing with their husbands lost their moods and started admiring the young man. The Rishis treated the stranger as foe and attacked him with venom called Kaali and Kaalasthree. Lot of thantrik attacks targeted upon the young man. The young man came there was no other than the Almighty Lord Shiva. Rishis and their wives astonished at the moment and begged pardon for their attempts.

Bujanga is a word to denote snake. Lord took the snake and garlanded himself on his neck. Bujanga Thraasa Moorthy and Bikshatana Moorthy are revealing the same fact that the meditation will be ever for supremacy. Lord Shiva in many of the forms, we observe Him in a status of meditation only. Persons shall be such as laborers, officers, managers, owners and even as kings, but the meditation and yoga practices are the best for one and all. That will lead to peace and prosperity.

This is the best image of Lord Shiva to be prayed by all to attain great concentration.

Brahma Kapala Dara Moorthy

The title of this form of  Lord Shiva gives some thing extraordinary fear to heart. The word ‘Kapala’ that means “skull”. That too Lord Brahma's kapala means, it is unbelievable. Lord Brahma is the creator of all the beings. It was at the early stage, when Lord Brahma was having five faces. His Lordship was attending the creation of all beings such as man, animal, bird, fish etc. Looking to the greatness of the job, he had the self-opinionated ness. He thought for himself as the supreme power than Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva in his turn took this matter seriously and plucked one of the heads of Lord Brahma. After this incidence Lord Brahma had only four heads. So, the skull of Lord Brahma occupied in the left hand of Lord Shiva. The two right hands of Lord Shiva are being adorned with spear and axe. The other two hands in left were with Trishoolam and the skull. So the name Brahma Kapala Dara Moorthy is given to Lord Shiva.

Seniors in rank, and deserving persons for a right job and the other categorical persons in professions should pray Lord Brahma Kapala Dara Moorthy for the early success in their attempts.

Brahma Sirachetha Moorthy

Supreme God Shiva is seen with eight hands in this form. The Trinity status of combined unity of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma are the root cause for the routine happenings of earth and all the worlds. On one occasion, Lord Brahma asked Lord Vishnu a question referring to the superiority among them. Lord Vishnu ascertained the high rank for Lord Shiva. This incidence turned in to arbitration and Lord Brahma impressed much to his duty of creation and spoke against Lord Shiva who got angry and as a punishment He picked out one of the heads of Lord Brahma. There were five heads to Lord Brahma. This internal war among two Deities resulted in this way. So the “Siras” i.e. head was removed by Lord Shiva. “Sira Chetha” gives the full picture of head being cut off from Lord Brahma. The combined unity of Lords and the joint responsibilities could never be judged on ground of competition. It is a Mega Task and a Yuga Task. The routines of earth and all worlds should be to in its order of regularity as per the framed target. This is the responsibility.

In the human life the egoism, selfishness and proud will interfere. Such unwanted habits will be controlled when we give homage to Lord Brahma Sirachetha Moorthy.

Chakra Dhana Moorthy

Lords Maha Vishnu and Brahma are along with Lord Shiva. This form is called "Tri Moorthy". One time Lord Maha Vishnu happened to be without any weapon to guard. He prayed Lord Shiva to bless him with a good weapon. Then Lord Shiva gave him a holy wheel that cannot be defeated by any power. The holy wheel is called Sudharsana chakra. "Sudarshan” gives the meaning “good vision”. The holy wheel has the capacity to look the past, present and future.. So it will attach the enemies in which ever be the place they occupy.

In this form Lord Shiva has four hands. The first right hand and left hand are giving the chakra (a flying wheel of destructions) to Maha Vishnu the second right hand is adorned with an axe. The second left hand is adorned with His pet deer.By worshipping this Lord Shiva the devotees get boons both from Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu and will be blessed by the combined powers of two incomparable powers united together, is very graceful occasion. When the devotees pray this image, even the impossible jobs, will get completed.

Chanda Rudhra Moorthy

In this image a peacock is behind the Lord Shiva. He is standing in a naked state. The sky, we use to say Nirmala. This means “the purest of the purest”. The Almighty is the purest. What the crescent of moon we see that is in lord Shiva’s head only. When he exist every where the nakedness is nothing but the theory of his formlessness only. He is nude, but with defense. This teaches us the need of vigilance for every body, from which ever directions, the attack may come one should be careful to safeguard himself.
On this person, several ornaments are seen. A snake is tied as belt for the waist. This appearance along with peacock gives the opinion of his attendance to his duty in a flying manner. This suggests the devotees that they should not waste the time and feel lazy. These are all the symbolic doctrines which are hidden in the image.

The speedy jobs, flying jobs, courier persons, aviation persons and all kind of satellite communication, are much connected to this image of Lord Shiva. For the prominent progress and fame in their works lines, they should devote time to pray for the blessings of Lord Chanda Rudhra Moorthy.

Chandesa Anugraha Moorthy
"Anugraha paripalana"(the blessings) of Lord Shiva is endless. Lord is always helping to those who request Him their needs of lively hood. One time, the servant of Lord Shiva "Chandesa" worshipped the Lord and wanted to have His blessings. A servant who is along with Almighty always. That honor and prestige are considered to be the greatest to Chandesa and even then he wished the blessings of Lord Shiva.The God, pleased to find Chandesa’s desire and devotion. He took His garland and Lord himself tied the same on the head of Chandesa. This act of benevolence is giving great astonishment to Chandesa.

Those who are waiting to get their degrees in universities should have the habit to worship Chandesa anugraha moorthy. The other people who need promotion and development in their profession will also be benefited. So many persons do not have money-power. They will be having the talent and ability. There are statuesque and ranks in society.  

To achieve the aims one has to do the proper homage to Lord Shiva in the form of “Chandesa Anugraha Moorthy”.

Chandrasekara Moorthy

There are several noblest ideals are exposed in every action of Lord Shiva. These occasion links with Moon (Chandra). The story of Chandra is very interesting one. Chandra had twenty seven wives. His father-in-law who was the father of twenty seven girls cursed Chandra to loose all his strength and personality. The beauty of Chandra was such that attracted to marry all the twenty seven girls. The cause for the curse was that Chandra was in more love with ‘Rohini’, one among twenty seven. The other girls reported the matter to their father who then cursed Chandra to ruin.

Chandra prayed Lord Shiva, who gave asylum to Chandra by giving place on his head. The curse will affect Chandra to loose all his brightness with in fourteen days. By the boon of Lord Shiva, Chandra will be gaining the brightness by another fourteen days. That is why we see the waxing moon and vanning moon with in twenty eight days. The twenty seven girls are twenty seven stars in Zodiac. Chandra to live one day in one star and move for next. Thus the justice maimed to live with all twenty seven girls in a cycle of month. The scientific explanations were of no use in those old ages and that the saints have told the subject in a way of a story.

All people who suffer with vibration and oscillation in taking decisions should pray Lord Chandra Sekara Moorthy.

Dhaaththarika Rudhra Moorthy
Lord Shiva as Dhaaththrika Rudhra saves the mankind and all living being. His magnanimity is giving the good hopes and confidence to one and all. His weapon "Trisoolam" is with great power to patrol the universe and all the worlds. The anger and fierceness in this image are capable of safeguarding the mankind from the evils. A dog behind the Lord is seen with the symbol of vigilant nature. Lord Shiva's garland in this image is with the skulls. It is terrific appearance which is exhibiting the greatness of killing of all the enemies. The other hand is having a vessel with blood of the enemies killed.

Specifically Lord Rudhra Moorthy creates the Boldness in every heart and the fear runs away.
In the human life there are several persons with fear and some of them are affected to be outside the domain of physical law. 

Dhaaththrika Rudhra Moorthy is the deity who adorns with braveness and skill to relieve all the mental and fearful nature of ill health.

Dhasa Buja Rudhra Moorthy

We see Lord Shiva is appearing with ten hands. Dhasa Buja gives the meaning ten hands. The threatening appearance with flaming hair will influence us to have the boldness. Every one could feel that there is a great support behind us. There are several kinds of sorrows on earth. Every body will be having several problems. Many times dejection in heart will rise on every important matter. The plan alone, will not give success. The brain - work and the formation of the executing structure are the most important things. No one should face failure. The great weapon is Prayer which could prove successful in all the human ventures. The accoutrements of Lord Shiva sign is the support and encouragements. Those who fear for any kind of failure should have the practice to make the prayers to "Dhasa Buja Rudhra Moorthy". This act will boost them, with success.

The students for scoring good marks and the persons waiting for marriage and sportsmen who are in want of victory are much benefited when they do homage to Lord Dhasa Buja Rudhra Moorthy.

Dhwi Buja Rudhra Moorthy

Lord Shiva in this form of Dhwi Buja (two hands) appears like a very young man. His naked form denotes the resemblance of sky. The space, is endless, and has no beginning and no end. The Shivaism, the Godliness, defined further that Lord Shiva is neither have shape nor figure but he exists every where. His graceful plays are necessarily to be united with man kind He take His several forms to present the doctrines of goodness. His hairs are like the flames of fire. The anger in His eyes spread, and frighten the lookers, in all the holy books, of almost every where on this earth we find the atrocities of devils. No one should be permitted to loose the braveness. Lord Shiva supports with this forceful, presence to create the braveness and confidence in every body's heart.

Worshipping Lord Dhwi Buja Rudhra Moorthy, all from small kids, to aged persons will be bravely facing any situations of attacks. Lord renders the man kind the essential need of strong mind and strength

It is a good thing for one and all to worship this deity "Dhwi Buja Rudhra Moorthy”, who rescues the world and human community from all sorts of calamities.

Easaana Moorthy 

The explanation about the five faces of Lord Shiva in the facet of Maheswara Moorthy is defined further in Easaana Moorthy. Face, facing, the up word direction, is called the Easana Moorthy. The place where the Shiva thathwas are offered to universe is easaana. The Thathwas (Principles) are twenty-eight. Saints will have the great honors for Thathwas. Even to keep quite just for few seconds, there could be no possibility because the human mind is wavering. There could be no concentration. Apart from human, the saints will meditate and observe the happiness in keeping quite.
Manhood has several needs and wants. Only money and always for aiming to earn is one type. There are certain people for only reading and gathering knowledge in philosophy some are spending time in fictions and stories. The specific worship of Eassana Moorthy will guide in education, science and Vedic nature of habits.

Worship of this image helps a lot for students who could project themselves in a best position in their career.

Eka Paadha Moorthy
Three Gods namely Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma are the supreme powers to create the worlds, planets, and stars in the zodiac. The sages in the forest called "Dhuka Vanam" prayed Lord Shiva to see the united form of the three Gods. The three major powers on the cause of creation, protection and destruction united together and appeared in one form. In the combined form Lord Brahma occupying the left side of Shiva, Here the Lord Shiva appears with one leg. His hands are with deer and axe. Lord Mahavishnu is with Sudharshana and Panchajanya occupying the right side. Sudharsana is the weapon of Lord Vishnu. That destroys the enemies. The Panchajennya is a conch, which he used at the war field. Lord Brahma is having Rudhraksha mala, (a chain of sacred beads) and a holy water pot. The name of Eka Paadha Moorthy is confined upon this reasons explained above. All the three powers are in one, and that the leg is one in this image. The world with peace, unity in the society, and cooperative nature are involved in this form. So the devotees longing for marriage with status and willing to combine with strong partners should worship the Lord Eka Paadha Moorthy who will bless the devotees with good prospects.

The industrialists and the high officials in getting a good settlement they have to worship Lord Eka Paadha Moorthy for easy solutions. The managements and the laborer’s side, there could prevail different of opinions, in such organizations the handling officials, if they start worshipping the Lord Shiva in this form they will get Spiritual guidance for smooth settlements.

Gokila Kalyana Sundhara Moorthy

In this form we see the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Umadevi. Long back Goddess Umadevi and Lord Shiva were discussing about the earthly affairs. During the course of conversation, the subject of their marriage also intervened. Goddess Umadevi submitted her desire to look the event of their wedding again and prayed the Lord Shiva. As per the will of His Wife, He blessed such reoccurrence at Thirumananjeri, a holy town at the southern part of India. “Gokilambal” was another name of Goddess Parvathi. So the wedding of “Gokilambal-Sundara Moorthy” took place at Thirumanajeri. As for as the devotees concerned, it is firm belief and real happenings that those who are at the age for marriage, they should pray the “Gokila Kalyana Sundara Moorthy” for their fulfillment of desires for marriage.

Those who are married already also worship Lord Shiva for their happiness in life. Marriage settlement is the main topic here. Even after the separations such as divorce and in want of marriage again one can  pay homage to the Deities and get the life settled peacefully.


Hari Hara Moorthy
There is an interesting myth behind this wonderful image of Lord Shiva. The image shows the unity of Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu, the brother of goddess Umadevi. Nectar is a sacred liquid which offers immortality. Those who drink it, will never face death. Divines longed to have it. The milky ocean was then churned. The churner used there was the mountain "Maha Meru". Divines with the help of demons carried out the job of obtaining Nectar. The longest snake "Vasuki" was used as rope to churn. On the head-side of Vasuki the demons agreed to operate while the tail-side was for divines. When the nectar came out of the milky ocean, the divines prayed Maha Vishnu and exposed their fear. Nectar was to be shared and they had to give the half of it to demons who could attain immortality and cause danger to divines. In order to oblige the divines, Lord Maha Vishnu came to the scene as a beautiful lady and took the pot of the nectar to distribute. The demons fell asleep as soon as they looked the appearance of the beautiful lady with Nectar. Lord Maha Vishnu obliged to the prayer of divines and distributed all the nectar to divines. Lord Shiva was much attracted to the beautiful appearance of Maha Vishnu in female form and He wished the unity of power of beautiful appearance of Lord Vishnu, which resulted at once, and the deity Sree Ayyappa came to the world as son of Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu. The unity of two incomparable powers solemnized and executed a potential divinity to the universe. Hari is for Lord Vishnu and Hara for Lord Shiva. This unity is named as “Hari Haran”

This particular image Hariharan plays an important role in the lives of people who need their success, comparably big and hard task.

Hayagreeva Anugraha Moorthy

Hayagreeva Anugraha Moorthy is one of the images of Lord Shiva with Lord Vishnu. They are always united with the remarkable understanding to do the great support to the human beings and all the livings. One time, when the task for reformation of world was to be attended by Lord Mahavishnu, who had several responsibilities, to do for the mankind. Lord Shiva granted the power of knowledge and mechanical skills to Lord Mahavishnu. We can find Lord Mahavishnu with the face as a horse. After attending task of the reformation Lord Mahavishnu felt much proud.  In one incidence, he fought with Lord Shiva who was the grantor of knowledge and wisdom. Lord Shiva took back these powers from Lord Mahavishnu. Lord Mahavishnu felt sorry for this incidence. Lord Shiva for gave Lord Mahavishnu. The image of Lord Shiva is with bow and arrow in a gesture of fighting. But He gave back the powers to Lord Vishnu. So Hayagreeva Anugraha Moorthy is with blessing nature, will help to the humanity and the world.

All manufactures, creators of designs and inventors should worship this image of Lord Shiva.

Jalandhara Hara Moorthy

This image of Lord Shiva with demon king Jalandhara adores with divinely status. There is a myth behind this image. King Jalandhara by the virtue of boon he had, great powers, which permitted him to live for-ever. His nature was bad and he ill-treated all the divines and devotees of Lord Shiva. His habits of torturing were causing great danger to the universe. Fortunately, he had a good wife. According to boon, the goodness and chastity of his wife would provide him the mightiest of all. Some times where the intelligence has no scope, the voluntary interference of divine power will happen and the destruction of evil power would reach to an end. Lord Mahavishnu participated here. The war between Jalandhara and Lord Shiva ended in the destruction of Jalandhara. The justice and goodness are guarded by Lord Shiva. Jalandhara, when he met his end, he came to understand his cruelty and begged pardon. Lord Shiva graciously accepted and granted him with the heavenly abode. Here, the character of wife is good and that of the husband is bad. There occur problems inside home and office. Justice has got its own merit and never permits the injustice to dominate.

In common life, there comes certain circumstance to give agony and torture. All such influences will vanish when the worship to Jalandhara Hara Moorthy is commenced.

Jwaalakesa Shat Buja Rudhra Moorthy

“Jwaala” is flame of fire. When we look this image of Lord Rudhramoorthy, we see his fierce eyes with fiery hairs. This will tell us that he is to encounter the terrible attack of evils. So called enemies are never simple persons who are with great thantrik powers which could demolish any thing in fraction of second. But Lord Shiva with ShatBuja (six hands) equipped with accouterments of Trisoola (unbeatable weapon of Lord Shiva) comes out victoriously after destroying the evils and demons. Fear and disappointments are linked with human life. Just by having “Dharshan” of this image the thought of self confidence with braveness will enter in the devotees’ heart. They will be feeling the great support of Lord Shiva. We should keep this idol only in the temples and not at anybody’s house.When we install a ‘Vigraha’ (statue) at home, it should be maintained with sacredness. Such practices are not easy and that we have to worship the Lord Jwahlakesa shatbuja rudhra moorthy with pure and holiest way of sacredness.

For all worshippers Lord Shiva will be granting the boons they require.


Jwaraapagna Hara Moorthy
Baana Asura a demon, but he was the devotee of Lord Shiva who gave boons to him. He conquered the universe. All the kings who were also the devotees of Lord Shiva came under the rule of Baana Asura. Krishna, king of Dwaraka was also one among them. They all prayed Lord Shiva to put an end to the cruelty of Baana Asura. Lord Shiva asked them to wait. On one occasion when Baana Asura invited Lord Shiva to stay at his palace. Lord Shiva went there. Baana Asura was having a daughter who fell in love with King Krishna's son. When Baana Asura came to know this, he met King Krishna in a war and defeated him. Lord Shiva in order to save the other Kings and Krishna, He asked King Krishna to make a war with him. In this war, it was the option of Lord Shiva to get defeated. When King Krishna used the "Jwaraasthram" (weapon of excess heat) Lord Shiva and Baana Asura came to the conclusion of defeat. So, the powers by boons of Lord Shiva were surrendered and the other kings also got the freedom. The Heat of "Jwaraasthra" began to destroy the universe. So, the Almighty Shiva by his meditation brought it under control.

Homage to this image "Jwaraa pagna hara moorthy" by the people who are in endanger with higher authorities as well as big persons they will be getting smooth settlements.

Kaal Mari Adiya Moorthy

Lord Shiva, during the time of reformation of world, He co-operated Lord Brahma in the creation of sounds, language, phonetics, music etc. Lord Shiva is a great lover of music. When he happens to hear the melody, he starts dancing. Dance is the art which had its birth from Lord Shiva only. There lived a King called Pandian, ruled the southern part of India. He had his capital in the wonderful city named “Madurai”. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He prayed the Lord to give him Dharshan (appearance) in a dancing pose. The King, ministers and all in the court of King had the dharshan. Lord Shiva lifted His left leg and commenced his great methods of dances and He changed the position of legs in several ways. The King and all of his persons worshipped the Lord Shiva for his gesture of benevolence. In human society there are musicians, singers, instrument players, and dancers. Lord Shiva is the originator of Art and blesses the community of Artists for their fame and progress.The crescent moon “Chandra” is in his head and the snake and drum for musical beat, all are beautifully accommodated in this form. This image of Lord Shiva gives a very pleasing appearance with peace.

By worshipping this image, the artists and dancers are sure to emboss their name in the history.

Kaalai Vahana Moorthy

Kaalai is “Nandhi” (Bull). Lord Shiva’s mount Nandhi Deva is a divine with a status to be worshiped. In all Shiva temples, the bull will be there in the entrance straight before ‘Garphagraha’ which describes the Sanctum sanatorium of Lord Shiva, who is occupying the centralized chamber of temple. Lord is busy and on duty to attend his routine. The image describes the duty consciousness. The devotees are given lessons of their duties and activities. Time is precious and no one should discard it. These doctrines are merged in this appearance.
The youngsters, workers, job oriented persons and the investors are liable to follow their duties who expect their rewards on their duties of serving and earning. All the busy people who expect their gains on their service should worship this idol of Kaalai Vahana Moorthy and get His boons. The scene we find here is on journey. “Rishab Dev” is another name to Lord with same meaning of Lord Shiva and Bull. The religions other than Hindu are also give more prominence to this image all over the universe.

The people engaged in travel and transportation, should also to worship the Lord Kaalai Vahana Moorthy, with devotion.

Kaalanai Venra Moorthy

It is strange to see that Lord Shiva have happened to fight with divine ‘Yama’. When the destruction of the beings is in the schedule of Lord Shiva, Yama is the representative to attend it. But one occasion, which was to be faced seriously by Lord Shiva. His devotee Markendeya was to be permitted to live on world up to sixteen years only. By virtue of boons to the parents of Markendeya, he lived for sixteen years with great knowledge and wisdom. As per boon, the parents will have to loose the son at this age. The God was actually testing His devotees as well as ‘Yama’ the one who put an end to lives. Understanding the crucial situation as well as the grief of parents, Markendeya worshipped Lord Shiva. By that time “Yama” came on a Buffalo and tried to take away the life of Markendeya. Lord Shiva in order to save his devotee entered in to war with ‘Yama’ and killed him. The routines on earth were terribly changed and no one faced death and there prevailed disorders. The Divines and Sages and Markendeya prayed the Lord to give life to ‘Yama’. God blessed the Yama and told that Markendeya as per boon would live at the age of sixteen only and he would never grow older. The name kaalam denotes Yama. Since Lord Shiva, defeated Yama, the name Kaalanai Vendra Moorthy suited to Lord Shiva.

People who have the fear of enemy and those who are suffering with sickness and those who are under medical treatment should begin to pay homage to “Kaaalanai Venra Moorthy” for his blessings.

Kaalari Moorthy

The Divine Yama is the authority for committing the ends to any life on the earth. On particular time, the death will come and Yama will be taking away the life of living being by either sick or accident. When the births are occurring in one side the deaths are bound to occur on the other end. This is the specific job allotted to the divine Yama. It is his duty also.
Lord Shiva in an attempt to save his devotee Markandeya, considered yama as enemy and met him with a war and killed Yama. This act, is being well manifested in the image of ‘Kaalari Moorthy’. Devotees when they worship the Lord they should note the theme of the action. This incidence is connected to safeguarding the life of Markandeya. In human life, the sickness, accident, old age and hospitalization are all common. The relevant cure and remedy are in the hands of doctors. The problem of life giving nature links to the attempt of Doctors.

 It is beneficial to the profession-oriented doctors. This will be spiritual guidance for their Profession.

Kaka Vahana Rudhra Moorthy

The Almighty Shiva is seen in this form with Sudharsana and Panchajanya. Behind Him, the crow is seen. He is in naked form with “Gathai” in his right hand. Devine Saneeswara is one among the nine planets. He is considered as a deity to control the age to all the births on universe. Lord Shiva as supreme God, He is adorning with the Panchajenya, Sudharshana, and the crow behind him. Crow is the mount of Saneeswara. This gives the explanation that the affairs of protection and granting the age also come to the attention of Lord Shiva. For a happy living with the desires fulfilled and longevity of life for proper age, Lord is blissful to offer facilities to His devotees. His peaceful appearance is encouraging every one with good hopes of success. Several devotees are suffering due to the ruling of the planet Saneeswara, who punishes one and all for a long period of seven and a half year. We are much warned during that period to face sufferings.

Devotees under the rule of Saneeswara will be getting relief when they begin to worship Lord Kaka Vahana Rudhra Moorthy.

Kalyana Sundareswara Moorthy

The wedding of Lord Shiva is defined here as Kalyaana Sundareswara. The Idol is presenting all the charms and happiness of Goddess Parvathi (Umadevi) and the supreme God Shiva. The marriage was attended by all the divines, Rishis, devotees and kings. The real mythology describes that Goddess Parvathi, born as a child to the king Malayadhwaja. She was educated and brought up like a male. She studied the practices of war. When she grew up, the parents found their daughter with the strange behaviors of like prince. Further she was having three breasts. She went to war fields and invaded the other countries with an ease. To see the daughter duly settled in a married life, the parents were praying the Lord Shiva, with a respect to the prayer, Lord Shiva played a role of warrior. Lord Sundereshwarar was coming with his regiment to invade the country of king Malayadhwaja. Daughter of the king, princess Parvathy with her army met Lord Sundereshwara at the battle field. As soon as she looked at the Lord, she felt the nature and the qualities of virginity and observed the shyness. Immediately the third and strange breast vanished. She fell in love with the Lord and thus the marriage took place.

Young persons and those who are in the state for marriage, they should worship this image Kalyana sundareswara moorthy.

Kamanai Azhithavar

Among the divines, Manmatha and Rathi as a couple are defined here. Manmatha possesses a bow with flower-arrow. The bow is in curved form of the plant "Sugar cane" The Lotus flower is used as arrow. This creates sweet feelings and ambition in the heart. In the depth of heart arise such a feelings of love to adults, and grown up persons. On an occasion, Manmatha wanted to test the Almighty Shiva. He aimed at the Lord and made his attack with Lotus Flower. Manmatha did a very bad job. Is it worthy? How could he test the Supreme power with playful mood that too, when he was in meditation?

The Lord Shiva's anger and the hatred came out from His third eye. The fiery eye in the fore head of Lord Shiva destroyed Manmatha. This made Manmatha to ashes. So the name "Kamanai Azhithavar" was formed. Here the name Kaman denotes (Manmatha), Wife Rathi begged the Lord and cried for mercy. God Shiva consoled with her approach and pardoned Manmatha and gave back his life.

Worshiping "Kamanai Azhithavar”, will give a balance of mind in the matters of love. In certain cases, ladies in family, in their terms with their life mates are not satisfactory and find controversial behavior. They should worship Lord Shiva in this facet and get his boon.

Kamantha Hara Moorthy

Lord Shiva is appearing with his hairs is a form of crown. Desire and passion towards the opposite sex, several times prove worse and curtail the prosperity of human beings. The controlling power is most essential. It is to be practiced from the child hood. A good character can be built with the base of discipline. Lord Shiva is the killer of Manmathan. The Devine Manmathan provokes the feelings of passion. On one occasion, he met face to face with Lord Shiva, the Almighty and Lord Shiva was unreachable to any attempt of Manmatha. Lord Shiva burnt him to ashes. This action exposes his view of firmness and stability. His concentrations could never be diverted by any means. This is the lesson; Lord Shiva exhibits here the principle of concentration in engaged tasks. The devotees with meditations and aims to reach a goal of wisdom could never be attracted by any gravitation of desire and passion. Manmatha a beautiful divine with sugarcane as bow and Lotus as an arrow attack the youngsters and create passion and love in their hearts. This will divert their attention in study.

In the walk of human lives, every moment is awaited for diversion. So the concentration is disturbed in what the noble job they do. Aiming for success and promotion, Lord Shiva should be worshiped in this form of ‘Kamantha Hara Moorthy’.

Kankala Moorthy

Kankaalam gives the meaning skeleton. In ancient period sages and saints in Kailash survived in that most cold places only with the firm strength of bones. It will be a boon for devotees to visit the temple at holy places like Rishikesh, Badrinath and KethariNath. Long time back a Rishi named “Thathishi" gave all his bones and skeleton to divine Indhra, who made his "Vajrayutham" out of the bones (Divine Indra’s weapon). We have one more theme for reference. Lord Shiva is the authority for destruction also. He is in cremation ground. There the dead bodies are burnt in fire. The ground will be with bones scattered here and there. To possess a skeleton in hand is nothing unusual to Him. In the form of Kankala Moorthy, Lord Shiva has given asylum to his devotee’s skeleton, which is covered with the feathers of peacock. The first right hand and left hand are feeding grass to the pet animal deer.
This kind of practice guides every one, who is having the gratitude towards the philosophy. By worshipping Lord Shiva, all devotees are blessed with good health and powerful structure and appearance. To attain an eternal status after the old age this form of Lord Shiva teaches different lessons on meditation every day.

The peace seekers, spiritual followers, and those who need knowledge should give great homage to the Lord Shiva.

Kapaala Rudhra Moorthy

This image is with an elephant standing behind Lord Shiva. The weapon called as 'dwimuka Trisulam' is in the hand of Lord Shiva .The world is the place where the existence of good and bad things in a mixed form. From the formation of the world, it is unavoidable. Mankind is blessed with sixth sense of knowing where as the animals have only five. It is always possible for human beings to distinguish between the good and bad. So that the culture, tradition and civilization came. Lord Shiva in different images gives lesson to mankind to buildup the character. Bad thoughts should not interfere and spoil one’s life. That is projected in all the images. The devilish nature and arrogance are to be avoided. What ever the situation may be, but one should be very confident of maintaining justice. As the Lord holds the extraordinary weapon the 'dwimuka trishoolam, the human beings should adopt to act with self analization of all matters. This image supports the mankind for their crystal clear knowledge.

 Lawyers, solicitors, and politicians should follow the worship to Lord “Kapala Rudhra Moorthy".

 Kapaleeswara Moorthy

From the image 'Kapaleeswara' we see the Lord Shiva as aged person. His hair and the beard are increasing his appearance to the culture of savage. There is a reason for his resemblance like an uncivilized person. On an occasion he came to the forest where the saints and their wives were disputing on the subject of chastity and meditation. Saints preferred the meditation as superior. But the wives of the saints were praising the chastity as more superior. Lord Shiva came there as a Beautiful young man with a vessel on hand for "Biksha"(to collect alms).All the ladies were attracted by the marvelous beauty of the young man. Those who were praising the chastity could not maintain in their own account. They were wives of saints. They were admiring the young man. So, the saints were angry with the young man and sent a venomous snake to kill him. The young man was not an ordinary man. He was Lord Shiva and the venomous snake could do nothing with him. All the saints begged pardon and wished Lord Shiva to become as an old person. Lord Shiva blessed all the saints and their wives and gave dharsan as an old man. This image teaches the simplicity and the growth of human. When one becomes older, the beauty will go. The pride of youth is not certain. From this incidence we can understand that the meditation in the best one.
Those who are weak in maintaining the character they have to suffer.

Kapaleeswara Moorthy gives the steady mind and confidence when he is worshipped with devotion.

Krotha Rudhra Moorthy

Godliness is teaching the lessons to control Kama and Krotha. 'Krotha' will be with basic feelings of vengeance and in the same time leads to do harm to others. Here the appearance of Krotha Rudhra Moorthy mainly connects to destroy the evils. That too, the forces which are troubling the mankind and other livings. Lord Shiva gives darshan with all his weapons like Gadha, Chakra, and Conch in this image. Charka is a flying wheel, which destroys enemies in fraction of a second. Conch is used as Trumpet triton at the time of war. "Gadha" could shake entire universe and kill the enemies. In such a ferocious manner Lord Shiva appears here. The worship to him in this form will be able to boost the devotees to possess the braveness first. Then the continued prayer will strengthen the position of the devotees to face the challenges of enemies. Devotees will be freed from troubles.

Apart from this, we have several female members in family. They will have the fearful nature and even the devilish fear will be ruling there. For all such, realities, God Krotha Rudhra Moorthy guards from calamites.


There were four demons as a group. They wanted to get the boons from Lord Shiva. By the penance with proper homage to Lord, they were able to have the presence of Lord Shiva who granted them boon to live for a long age. The demons were of the strong opinion that their ends could never come through any body else except the Lord Shiva. It is known to all on earth, that Lord is always generous with his devotees. The real nature to demons are always to do atrocities - and unjust to divines and mankind. Lord Shiva after knowing the terrible behaviors of these four demons, He created from his third eye a male child called "Kumara". The boy grew up with great knowledge and extreme powers. Lord Shiva and his wife Umadevi were pleased to become father and mother of the Boy and thus the Lord Vigneshwara was considered as elder son and Lord Kumara as second son. Lord Kumara was also named as Karthikeya who encountered with the group of four demons. With all the skill and great powers, Lord Kumara, destroyed the demons.

The people who are with problems with their enemies, they should worship "Kumara Anugraha Moorthy" and get success.

Lakuleshwara Moorthy

Lord Shiva in this form is in sitting position and has a water pot in His hand. Lord Shiva is the symbol of purity and he removes the sins of his devotees. Seeing believes; belief is perception; perception is taken as knowledge by all. Knowledge connects with wisdom. "Laku" means "easy".  Lord Shiva is easily achievable through pure dedication and devotion. Saint Thirumoolar says that "Kindness and love for all beings are called Shivam”. Another saint Adi Shankara in his "Lingashtagam" describes the simplicity and purity of Lord Shiva.
His head is adorned with Ganges (the sacred River Ganges) and the divine moon. Moon was cursed by his father-in-law to loose all his charms but Lord Shiva gave asylum to him on his head. By worshipping 'Lakuleshwara Moorthy' the devotees will be blessed with long and peaceful life. Their families will be blessed with happiness.

People in the hard task of Gymnastic practice to do jobs of such and, also the software and building constructions, and ship -builders and architects will be benefited by worshipping this image Lakuleswara Moorthy.

Lingoth Bhava Moorthy

The appearance of Lord Shiva in Lingothbhava Moorthy is an excellent explanation of many theories of existence of Lord Shiva. There were difference of opinion between Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Brahma. The superiority of the task and power was the cause for the dispute. They met Lord Shiva and explained the subject and wanted to render justice. Lord Shiva informed them that the head and feet of Him were the targets fixed for Lord Brahma and Lord Maha Vishnu respectively. They should go and find out. The first comer would be the winner. Head and feet neither had the beginning nor the ending. That is the Sivaism. He is formless and beyond all the forms. The head was searched by “Lord Brahma” who flew to the sky and space as a bird. Lord Mahavishnu as a pig went on digging the earth and searched. For both of them it was of no use. But Lord Brahma with help of a flower named "Thazhampoo" told a lie to Lord Shiva as if He found out the head of Lord Shiva. But Lord Mahavishnu accepted his impossibility. Lord Shiva is beyond pure and impure. He punished Lord Brahma and cursed there could be no worship in temples for the image of “Lord Brahma”, Lord Mahavishnu was honored. Lingoth Bhava Moorthy is seen in the image, which is partially with face and up to knee only. Lord Brahma is in the form of bird and Lord Mahavishnu in the form of pig is seen.

The people in political, judicial and with the jobs of arbitrary grounds, they have to worship the Lord Lingothbhava moorthy for their success in life.

Maha Mrithyunjaya Moorthy

We actually, feel the happiness when we look the form of Lord Shiva as ‘Maha Mrithyunjaya Moorthy’. He is in a seat of Lotus. We have seen Lord Shiva in several forms but this is one of the most important images. We know Diamond, the precious stone. When we get it from the earth it will be a crude one. No attraction or brightness could be found. The grinding and shaping on a carbonic process, the sides and facets are arranged for a grand and glittering form. The God, we see and observe only in such way. On this form we can see the “Ganges”. The Goddess Ganges comes out as spring from the Lord’s head. Lord is having two pots of nectar on two hands. He is adorned with grace. The persons, who are afraid for health condition and longevity, have to give much importance to worship this form. Lord Shiva grants the boon with his Amirtha Kalasa (Nectar which gives ever lasting life). Upon this world, the aged person, sick persons and those who are taking medical treatments are much benefited by this form of Lord Shiva.

The crucial surgeries in medical treatment will be getting success. So, the patients as well as doctors should worship this Deity who supports for successful ailments.

Maha Rudhra Moorthy

Lord Shiva’s incomparable magnanimity is presented in this idol. He is great and that the word ‘Maha’ is crowned along with Rudhra. The gigantic “Trisoola” with magnificent power in his Right hand of Lord Shiva. In the other right hand the musical drum with the snake is adorned. This is called “Uddukkai. The sound that comes out of udukkai has the tendencies of creation. On the continuous hearing of this sound, the tediousness will vanish. Lord Shiva is the master of dances. He is much attracted to rhythms and music. Once the giant king Ravana wanted to cross the mount Kailash. Since he could not cross, he planed to lift the mount and keep it away by virtue of his penance. Knowing the attempt of Ravana, Lord Shiva the possessor and occupant of Kailash, was sitting on the top of Kailash Just pressed his toe on the mount. Ravana with all his ten heads caught clamped under the mount. Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He knew the music well. He pleased Lord Shiva by his music and begged pardon for his activity of crossing Kailash. Lord Shiva pardoned him and permitted him to cross the mount.

People who are endangered and struck up in difficult situation should worship Lord Maha Rudhra Moorthy clears the way and rescues.

Mahakala Maha Rudhra Moorthy

According to the Hindu saints and Rishis, the calculations, of four yugas are referred. Krutha Yuga, Thretha Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga. Yuga means the earth’s period of age. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva attend the great tasks of creation, protection and destruction, respectively. So the age of the earth is countable for several millions of years. 'Kala' gives the meaning of time. When the Yuga ends, Lord Shiva does the complete-destruction. Thrilling and with horrible ways of killing, the job is being attended.

This form Lord Shiva is named as "Maha Kala Maha Rudhrar" which gives fear in the name itself. People upon this world are of different nature. The discipline and habits are the most important norms to be lawful to do their duties. Some people threaten the others and do many harmful jobs. So the victims of such actions should pay homage to Lord 'Maha Kala Maha Rudhrar' and get the power to protect all such attacks. Thus they can come out successfully from the attack of enemies.

Those who are affected by mental agony and even by the affair of evil spirit and black magic, they are freed from trouble. The fear of any kind of evil spirit will also come to an end.

Mahakala Samhara Moorthy

Time factor on the name of fate is allowing all the lives to stay on this world for a particular period. This period is based according to birth time and the rendered good activities of the previous birth. Divine Yama is the authority to attend such account and deal with deaths of all. Markandeya was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. His fate was ending at his age of sixteen. At the time, when Yama came to take the life of Markndeya, he was worshiping the Lord Shiva. But Yama’s duty was also to be executed. Yama was applying the rope upon Markandeya. The rope will drag out and delink the earthly affection of life. Lord Shiva was the grantor of such boon, which then came in to force. But Lord Shiva looking to the spell of danger to his ardent devotee fought with Yama and killed him. This was the nature of timely rescue of Lord Shiva. Later, the divines begged the ardent devotee Markandeya and explained that the routine of universal norms were disturbed and the maintenance of activities on earth was disturbed. Markandeya composed poems with great devotion on Lord Shiva. Then Lord was pleased very much and gave the life to Yama. This notable occurrence predicts that Lord Shiva is the protector when the danger comes.

Fear for life and illness are gracefully attended by Lord Shiva. The devotion to him should be kept at a high level.

Maheswara Moorthy

As we say, king of kings, Easwara is God of Gods. His appearance is with five heads and ten hands. Samaveda originates from the face, facing east direction. Rig-Veda deserves for south facing. Atharva Veda for west facing. Yajur Veda is for north facing. Fifth face is facing sky and the Lord created twenty-eight Shiva principles. He is the symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This magnificent appearance solemnizes the sacred and justful living of human being. Maheswara Moorthy is one of the main images of Lord Shiva, which could help one and all to lead a peaceful life. A graceful appearance which gives no fear and confusion. The habit to do prayer to this deity serves for all purposes.

The education, teaching, learning and writing professionals must worship this deity for their progress and development. The scientist, computer-designer, and the automobile persons should have the best blessings from Lord Maheswara Moorthy. Totally the technical people will get more benefit if they worship the Lord with devotion.

Mallari Shiva Moorthy

Lord Shiva is in a standing position. A horse is standing behind him. This form describes a different atmosphere. He is adorned with a small sharp knife and a small cup with blood. Those who oppose him or his devotes, they will be punished with his knife. In common, the hunters will enter into the forest with dogs and search for animals. Lord Shiva is in his duty of attending the universe. He has to encounter several cruel and wicked enemies of man kind. The enemies are in the form of demons. For the sake of his devotees He kills the demons and drinks their blood. We can see the skulls of such, as garland in other forms and images of Lord Shiva.

The military personnel, police officials, and the persons with the jobs of guarding nature should make separate prayers to this deity who gracefully renders the strength and knowledge for their success.


Mukunda Rudhra Moorthy
In many of the forms of Lord Shiva, we are able to know the unity of creator, protector and destroyer as Thri Moorthy. The unity of three deities. Here is the image of ‘Mukunda Rudhra’. Lord Shiva appears with all the beauties resembling Lord Mahavishnu the protector.
‘Mukunda and Rudhra’ is a combined form. “Mukunda” is none other than “Lord Mahavishnu”. The two deities when come and support one, it is a great fortune. People with several needs and duties, have to pay homage to this Twin Lords. In common we follow the new moon day as auspicious. On that day sun and moon will be in one star (within 9 degree). Two imperial powers in one image we worship here. Pure devotion and regular practice to pay the homage to “Mukunda rudhra moorthy” gives great success to one and all.

The grace and boons will be reaching to the devotees in time and their problems will be solved.

Nardana Rudhra Moorthy

Lord Shiva is a Great God. For the sake of all lives inclusive of human, he engaged himself to destroy the evils. The atmosphere of war with anger, several times resulting with abnormal heat on earth, which was actually intolerable by mankind. In such occasions Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma used to bring Lord Shiva for normalcy by music. Dance is the best art for the Lord, who after hearing the music started dancing. The garland which he was wearing was with the chain of Rudhraksha and skulls. Lords Mahavishnu and Brahma brought him to normalcy. Thus all the human beings and lives were happy. In this form, Lord Shiva is seen with Lords Mahavishnu and Brahma.

The devotees many a times in their lives have to cross the situations in great tension and restlessness. For all such crucially engaged people the image "Nardhana Rudhrar" with Lords Mahavishnu and Brahma gives an amicable way of getting success with peace. High officials engaged with busy jobs, will be rendered with successful solutions in their critical activities.

Neermali Veniya Moorthy

The story of river Ganges relates to Lord Shiva and Ganga Devi. In divine land, the Goddess Ganga Devi in the form of Ganga River is flowing. Once the earth was facing intolerable drought. People were dieing without water. Here the image is named as Neermali. The meaning of Neer is water. Bhagirtha by virtue of his penitential process prayed Lord Shiva to save the universe. Lord Shiva was pleased with penance of Bhagiatha and allowed Ganga Devi to flow on the earth. Lord Shiva has given asylum to moon and Ganga Devi. Both of them were accommodated on the head of Lord Shiva. This form is presenting the Goddess Umadevi and Ganga Devi. For the welfare of earth, people and all living beings Lord bestowed the River Ganga to earth. When any kind of need or any danger happens the savior is Lord Shiva. All such graceful doings he does for the devotees and manhood. Continuous prayers will be giving fruitful results. By worshiping “Neermali Veniya Moorthy” any specific needs are materialized. Several people do not have a good family life, love, affection and passion. Lord Shiva teaches here to have the married life. That is one of the needs in a stage of adult.

Some person have desire to be either as bachelor or virgin and even to follow as saints. They can act according to the will of necessity and those who want to settle in married life lord Shiva grant His boon.

Pancha Muka Beeshana Rudhra Moorthy

Beeshana’ is the act of churning. To acquire butter from curd, we actually churn the curd in a vessel and collect butter. Lord Shiva is having five faces in this form. For Lord, it is as if churning the curd. He vibrates the brains and its plans of giants and demons. So that the enemies will be scattered and demolished by the determination of Lord. He is having five faces and His stratagem to put down the enemies is with the concept of deadly attack. The Lord’s names ‘Rudhra’ ‘Agora’ and ‘Hara’ always have a teaching to the mankind, that when they find the impossibilities in their action on noble cause the call for the ‘Savior’ will certainly pave the necessary way. The bell that rings from His hand, gives the sound for good hope which becomes the remedy and success to the devotees. Worshipping Lord Shiva in this form of “Panchamuka Beeshaana Rudhra Moorthy” is the most helpful for those who are in clutches of big enemies. One of Lord’s hands is with “Herald” which protects the Devotees and safe guards them, for a fortified future.
The people, who are with litigation and court affairs, should have the practice to worship this image for their early success.

Pancha Muka Linga Moorthy

Observing the full theories of "SHIVAISM" is still beyond the approach of the intellectuals, scholars, and saints what we have learned is just handful soil of earth and yet to be learned is as big as that of world. In this form the five Realities of Lord Shiva namely, 'Easanam' Thath Purusham’,'Agoram', 'Vamadevam' and ‘SadhyoJaatham' are explained. It is little bit difficult to explain in few lines. This mainly connects to the solidarity combined individuality. And also the real existence of Lord is every where. It connects to the births, living beings and even to the difference of male and female. The upper side of the image, it resembles to the organ of male. The lower side of the image is like a female’s organ. This explains the mankind and the origin. The population, human habits, love, growth, dejection sorrow and the death. For every thing the basic cause is desire. The Almighty Shiva in the form of ‘Pancha Muka Linga Moorthy' is the only savior to show the exact ways which could give strength and capability to lead an amicable life.

 The philosophic people, astronomers, priests, and those who wishes silence and peace should worship Lord Pancha Muka Linga Moorthy.

Paraakrama Siva Moorthy

Superior position of braveness is defined as “Parakrama”. Lord Shiva will be having every yielding nature towards His devotees. His ardent devotee Markandeya was in the clutches of Yama. It was the time of target as per the duties of Yama who should take away the life of Markandeya. Lord Shiva appeared with great anger to kill Yama. The “Linga” a common semicircle type of statue of Lord Shiva is seen all over. The arms and accoutrements like trishoolam give a great fear to look at. This exhibits the “Paraakrama” of Lord Shiva. This image gives more braveness to children who often face illness. Several people, they have the nature to have the fear while they go to bed. Many people cultivate the habit of extraordinary obedience and even to spell a word as reply they possess no guts. All such humble and pious nature should have a change to show their required boldness. The society is having all kinds of people. So it is essential to be brave with strength.

Lord Shiva in this form blesses one and all with the essential boldness. Worshiping Paraakrama Shiva Moorthy is blessed with fair and reasonable status in society.

Pasupatha Moorthy

Pasupatha is weapon of Arjuna. As one of the important devotees of Lord Shiva, Arjuna is notified for possessing the blessings of Lord. In the old history of Bharata, it is found that Arjuna is one among Panchapandavas. Keeping Hasthinapura as capital the group of five brothers called pandavas was ruling the country. They lost the kingdom by the cunning game of "chopat". The winner Duriyodhana sent away the five brothers and their family to forest where they should dwell for fourteen years. Arjuna was a good archer and expert. Lord Shiva was pleased to bestow him a highly venomous weapon called "Pasupathasthra". It was an arrow with snake head. This weapon latter helped Arjuna in Maha Baratha war with Duriyouthana who as per word, should hand over the country to Pandavas after fourteen years. The war took place since they did not keep the promise. Finally Pandavas won and secured back their country. In this image Lord Shiva is with Arjuna who is receiving the "Pasupathasthra". On noble cause, when we pray the Lord, he grants the weapon like Pasupahta.

So, the people who are cheated by enemies and those who want justice to get back their lost prosperities, they should worship Pasupahta Moorthy.

Rudra Moorthy

Lord Shiva is seen with boldness and anger in this form. He is holding the weapon “Trishoolam” in his right hand. The mankind is suffering with so many tasks and troubles in their lives. Who else accept the God could be relieved from the sufferings. Lord Shiva for the sake of divines and devotees met the Demons is several war fields and put the ends to the enemies of mankind. Every one should have the pure devotion to worship “Rudra moorthy. They should maintain neatness, honesty and good character. Lord Shiva is ‘Sathya Swarooba’ – entirety of justice. The people and the students’ community should take oaths before this image and follow with the doctrines of truth, justice, and peace.

The remarkable improvements, good jobs, positions, status, and prosperity will reach them with out any difficulty”.


Ruru Shiva Moorthy

We can observe the God in so many ways. His symbolical doctrines are concentrated in the images. On that basic only the idol worship started from the olden ages. In this form Lord Shiva is seen as a beautiful young man. The Panchajanya (the conch) and Sudarshana (Wheel of destruction) are adorning his hands.The great powers of Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Shiva is united here. He is in a state of nakedness. We know the existence of God when He is considered as a sky (space) it is nirmal (pure without any dirt). Space is one of the five elements defined to know the existence of God. There is a Bull behind him. Bull is the mount for Him. In astrology Bull is the symbol for Taurus where the moon has a desirous star ‘Rogini’. When moon is on transit in Taurus he is in exalted position. So, the sign “TAURUS” is getting the grace of Moon. Moon is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Bull refers to agriculture. The ploughing of fields is done by bull. Bull considered carrying loads through cart.

People engaged in transportation, travel, and agriculture should worship this image with devotion. They are blessed with good future and prospects.


Sadha Shiva Moorthy

Sages and saints say that the Lord Shiva is the real grantor of boons in need. Sadha means, it is always. Having come to the earth as human beings, the nature of problems and sufferings are always with every one. Here we look the Lord with five faces and ten hands. The weapons on his hands are teaching lessons to the humanity and guides to maintain justice, peace, wealth and health. The ferocious weapon with different forms will be employed by the Lord on all evil forces. When we look the image, our hearts get purified and possessed with hopes, confidence and success. One can start worshiping this image from child hood. The appearance is very calm and desirable.

The grace will flow from his majestic looks spontaneously. The prayer calling him as “Om Namashivaya” will be keeping the devotee in a satisfactory mood and will lead to a comfortable life.


Sadhyojaatha Moorthy

In this form of Lord Shiva, the face which is facing the north is called Sadhyojaatha Moorthy. A mark of silence and meditation are manifested. The sacred palm-leaves on the hand shows, the Almighty is the grantor of chadur Vedas (four volumes of holy theories). In the other hand the chain of Rudhraksha (sacred beads) is occupying. The Almighty still continues meditation. The resemblance of dignity, honor, wisdom, and the immeasurable great knowledge are adorned in this image. The calm, polite, and peaceful appearance teaches the magnanimity of meditation to every one and renders the peacefulness. Mankind is much benefited when the worship to Sadhyojaatha moorthy, is systematically followed. Worship of this image grants good education and knowledge. The prestige and status will reach step by step and the happiness will be prevailing through out the life

Students, scientist, computer-persons, research and inventors will be positively blessed with boon to achieve their aims.


Samhara Rudhra Moorthy

The ferocious presence of Lord Shiva is seen in the image of Samhara Rudhra Moorthy which explains us the great powers of unity. Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Mahavishnu are the great imperialisms to attend creation, protection and destructions of the universe. The panchajanya (a conch) and Sudharsana (a wheel of destruction) are the weapons of Lord Mahavishnu. So this unique power of unity could do anything upon the earth. The fears will run away. The self-confidence will grow more for those who worship this form of Lord Shiva. Several people might be happened to think themselves to a lower degree. And the back-ground may not support their aims. The attempts either in education, happy life or what so ever, can be projected with good-hopes. The fear alone discourages one’s life. Expecting the manly supports will not be stable but the divinely support will be with accession of achievements. The “Samhara Rudhra Moorthy” is the Lord, to grant the boon which the devotees ask. People with sub-ordinate rank and as assistants are blessed with happy life. In the circle of rich people the younger-brothers or sisters who are facing partialities should worship this form of Lord Shiva, to get proper status with fame. They can get their positions to a justful rank.

For those who are feeling partiality and treated with out status, should pray the Lord Samhara Rudhra Moorthy and get His blessings.

Samhara Thandava Moorthy

The earth and its age are connected to Yuga. Yuga means a certain period in several lakhs of years. For example the Kali Yuga is to survive for 4,32,000 years. When the Yuga gets the end, the destruction occurs. Then the reformation of world will commence. The new Yuga begins. This is history of earth. The destruction is the meaning for samhara as thandavam. The Lord Shiva is doing the great destruction. That is samhara (destroying) of all the lives on earth. The image of Samhara Thandava Moorthy is in a form where the Lord Shiva keeps his left leg on the evil spirit “Muyalakan”. Lord’s head is with crescent moon. His ten hands are with various instruments for the need of making a new universe. The dance is defined as Agora Thandava. Just a step with force, will create earth quake. If his fire pot in one hand just dazzle, the volcano will burst. Fire with abnormal heat will leave not even the grass to live. All will become ashes. This fearful appearance is exposed in the image of Samhara Thandava Moorthy. Several people live with great patience and face all the troubles from enemies. Even then, the shrewd and heartless attitude will continue.

In such unbearable situation, the prayer to Samhara Thandava Murthy is necessary to over come all the tortures and merciless attacks of enemies. This is most sacred matter and should be done only for the right causes with great devotion.

Sandhyaa Thandava Moorthy

Sandhyaa is the time to conclude day and to begin the night. This scene is more attractive and meaningful. Mankind will start working on fields in the early morning and attend till to the dusk. They will do their job. Even for the animals, cattle and birds the system of living begin in the morning and end in the evening. Lord Shiva is the authority for the phenomena of sounds. The time referred here is neither day nor night. He commenced his sandhyaa thandavam (Dance) with the majestic movements, which led for the formation of Languages, Rhythm and Music. His face is with grace and magnanimity. The time was also very pleasant for the rhythm. The Lord’s exposures of signs assigned a great lot of meaning and words. Thus the earth had languages and grammars. The devotees, very specifically show interest in education, art and inventions should do homage to Lord Sandhya Thandava Moorthy.

When evening comes, the time to take rest begins. In common the activities of going to theatre, films and music programmers are the usual routines of people. This time is engaged for artists.

So, the musicians, dancers and the people who are engaged in recreations should show much devotion to this form of Lord Shiva.

Sankara Narayana Moorthy

There prevailed a doubt among the devotees of Lord Shiva and the devotees of Lord Maha Vishnu, on the universe, heaven, pathala-loga and everywhere. The doubt was relating to the leadership questioning the superiority between Lord Shiva and Lord Mahavishnu. The sages then went to Lord Shiva and wanted to have their doubt cleared. There is beautiful saying of Lord Shiva "Shivasya hrudhayam Vishnuhu -Vishnoscha hrudhayam Shivaha". This explains well that whom they think as Shiva is Vishnu and whom they believe as Vishnu is Shiva. Two imperial powers that exist in unity. The Thathva is also same “Hari and Shiva are one” looking to the affairs of universe and the zodiac, there occur the lot of problems and the remedies in which the two Deities are always involved for the welfare of earth, people, and divines. This is the net result whenever the deities do either destructions or constructions either individually or jointly. The joint-responsibility safe guards mankind and all the worlds. This is the theory we can observe in all the happenings. So Lord Shiva is honored as Sankara Narayana.

When we worship the form Sankaranaryana, the people can get all the blessings of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and get fulfillment of needs and boons. All persons do the joint ventures, partnership dealings, and combined inventions, will have to devote time to worship Lord “Sankaranarayana Moorthy”.

Santha Veerabhadhra Moorthy
Man is created by God. God is existing in every human and other being. So the quality of sensation will also subject to the existence. When Lord Shiva killed his father in law the ferocious movement and tensions could not be subsided even after putting an end to his father-in-law. Dhakshan, the father of Goddess Umadevi, did not invite his son in law Lord Shiva for a function “great yagna”. Goddess Umadevi wanted to attend the function and went. But she was not respected by her father. She committed suicide at the yagna sala. (Pedestal of sacred fire) After knowing the happenings, Lord Shiva came to the spot as “Veerabadhra”. It was a form of great warrior and killed His father in law. Lord “Veerabadra” could not control himself and his anger was causing danger. Sages and divines begged the Lord to come down to the normalcy. Lord gave the presence of peacefulness “Shantham”. Lord Shiva then gave life to his wife Goddess Umadevi and also to his father in law. After that, the ‘yagna’ went on well as scheduled.

The devotees and the common people may have the troubles on statuesque and enemity. So, it is well and proper to worship Lord Santha Veera Bhadhra who shows his grace and keep his devotees with their aims fulfilled. Any kind of black magic or fear about ghosts and spirits too, will vanish if they pray with great devotion.

Saraba Moorthy

Hiranya Kasibu, a notable demon king got several boons from Lord Brahma. Boon related to his life that no one could put an end to his life as human or divine or by bird or animal or insect. Either in daytime or night, the death should not occur. He had composed for himself all the measures in the boon and wanted to live as a sole authority including Deva loga (Divine Land), Boologa (earth and all places). He had restricted everyone worshiping the Lord Shiva and Lord Maha Vishnu. He inducted his name "Hiranya" in Mantra. Instead of "Om Namo Narayanaya "he insisted to chant as "Om Hiranyaya Namaha". His atrocities were unbearable since he attacked the Indraloka also. Lord Mahavishnu wanted to put an end to him. Hiranya's son Prahalatha was chanting the mantra "Om Namo Narrayanaya".This is the mantra to pray Lord Mahavishnu Hiranya got angry and asked his son "where is Narayana". Prahalatha replied “Narayana is every where”. Hiranya showed a pillar and asked his son, whether Narayana is in that pillar. Hiranya holding the strength of his weapon called "gadha" attacked the pillar. Lord Mahavishnu having the face of a lion and the body as human came out of the pillar. The time was neither day nor night (Evening). All the principles were irrelevant to the capacity of the boon, which Hiranya had from Lord Brahma. Mahavishnu in Narashimha Avatar (man and beast) took Hiranya and laid him upon his thigh and destroyed him by tearing his stomach into pieces. After the war the ferocious trend of Lord Mahavishnu spelled danger to earth. Divines and devotees who were feared too much with out knowing the out come. Lord Shiva with his capacity changed in a terrible form of a combination of man, divine, bird and animal. This form is called "Saraba". At the sight of this peculiar creature, the killer of Hiranya (i.e., Lord Mahavishnu) came to the normalcy and attained the calm nature.

This form of Lord Shiva is the most important for those who are affected by the evil spirit or black magic of enemies. Prayer to Lord Saraba Moorthy will give great relief to the sufferers.

Sarthulahara Moorthy


Shatkara Mruthyunjaya Moorthy

Lord Shiva is with six hands in this form. Mrutyu relates to one's age. Some persons are with frequent sickness and feel much about their longevity. Since the jaba "Mruthyunjaya" helps and cure several illnesses, Mruthyanjaya Homa is the best for longevity of life. The 'Padmasana' is one of the rules of yoga. He is having a vessel “full of nectar (Amirtha which gives eternal life). The Darshan of Lord Shiva upon throne, upon Kalai (Bull) and in the state of Padmasana. We can observe his calm atmosphere. So, the devotees with their prayer from the depth of heart can put their appeal before Lord who is with Rudhraksha. The meditation and yoga are the routines of Lord Shiva. Devotees should pay sincere homage to him and possess the good health. Shatkara Mruthyunjaya Moorthy gives boons to his devotees and saves them from illness and gives long age.

Old age people, and the sick people both physical and mental disabilities should positively make the homage to Lord Shiva for their welfare.


Shukashna Moorthy

The beginning of the name is explaining the comfort. The happy with peacefulness is the atmosphere in which the Lord Shiva gives this appearance. The facet is adorning with gracefulness and magnanimity.

Shukashna Moorthy is the deity to be worshiped by all the members of family and specifically the ladies engaged in domestic routines and all those who are waiting for their education, carrier, profession and business. The Name Shukashna is a combined meaning of shukam and aasana. Shukam means pleasure. Aasana means chair or a seat. This indicates the circumstance of comfort with happiness. Aasana is involved for firm and right status of sitting. This will also relate to one’s profession and business. To be steady and to have a positive development, the devotees shall have the practice to make separate prayer for Shukashana Moorthy. At a glance we can observe from this idol, which gives a lot of peace and nobility.

The people in the rank of head of the department, elders in family, presidents of associations, captains, principals and political leaders should devote time to pray this deity regularly. The result will be with peace and satisfaction in their routine of work.

Simhagna Moorthy

"Narasimha" is one of the notable incornation of Lord Mahavishnu. He killed Hiranya kasibu, a demon with great powers with lot of boons. “Narasimha" means human and lion in one form. After the killing of Hiranya Kasibu Lord Vishnu forgot his origin of place called "Vaikundha" and remained in that form of "Narasimha" firmly. So the great task of protection to man-hood was much affected. It went to the extent of unbearable sufferings. By that time Lord Shiva threatened Narasimha and reminded him his duties, so as to take care of earthly affairs. In this form Lord Shiva appears in strange form, combination of human and animal and a bird. Lord adorns on his shoulders the skin of lion. Recalling Lord Mahavishnu to his duties is the main subject to be understood by the devotees.

By worshipping this "Simhagna Moorthy” the devotees gets courage and knowledge. People in the fields of yoga meditation, and research, are much benefited by this deity "Simhagna Moorthy".

Singara Neermali Veniyan

We have a peculiar presence of Lord in this image. When the reformation of world took place, Lord Shiva guided Lord Brahma much to create sounds, phonetics and rhythms through his dances. Dances with Navarasa Bhawas, which gives nine kinds of sensations like anger, fear, boldness and singara. Singara means the temptations and desires. The mankind should grow and the birth should occur till to the end of Yuga. The earth has got certain age until the destruction. Enjoyment of sensuous pleasure is the nature. Mankind needs this as per the basic theme of continuous generations. When the birth is looked after Lord Brahma, growth is cared by Lord Mahavishnu and the death is attended by Lord Shiva and this is the continuous routine. Here Lord teaches this theme with Goddess Umadevi. He is with the gesture of love that is one among nine sensations. Nothing to hide he teaches the essentiality of a family person. The youngsters who are at the age of marriage, it is the duty of parents to arrange marriage and permit the couple to live happily.

The adults who are with desire to get married with a proper companion; they should worship Lord Singara Neermali Veniyan who blesses the devotees with a happy wedded life.

Soma Skandha Moorthy

A thought will come on seeing this image of Lord Shiva. Along with the thought the devotion will also come. The act of thinking leads to the prayer.  Lord Shiva in the form Soma Skandha Moorthy gives great pleasure. SA+uma+skandha explain in detail about the Soma skandha Moorthy. Lord Shiva is with His wife Goddess Umadevi and his son Skandha gives a surrounding of family. Several times, we happen to see the Lord in action of destruction. It is very warm to find in a colossal occasion of happiness. Irrespective of cruel acts with demons, Lord Shiva gives appearance in a granting gesture. Many of devotees on earth are in want of wealth and property. Many people need child. Many persons need physical health. The image Somaskandha Moorthy is to be worshipped for all the earthly needs. The satisfaction in praying the Lord Shiva with Umadevi and Skandha gives us the long lasting happiness.

Those who are involved in joint ventures or doing business with partnership should pay more devoted dedication to this image. Those who are unhappy with their family affairs should also give much importance to pay homage to “Soma Skandha Moorthy” to get the comfort and peace.

Sri SattaNathar

Devotees with their high gratitude to God Shiva, they call him as 'Veda Nayaga' 'Satta Natha' and 'Eswara' - all the names are suited to the incomparable dignity of the Lord and his benevolent deeds. Discipline, regularity and law are the expressions contains in the name 'Sattam'. This is the perfect following of 'Rule'. The Deity is with ‘gadha’, a weapon of great power. He is with a garland of skulls. He destroys the devils, demons and evil powers. He maintains Justice and that the name 'Satta Natha' is conferred upon Him.
The people who are engaged in judicial and court affairs should do the specific prayers to this Lord, who will grant the successful life. In the Government, those who go for counseling and emissary will have to follow the practice of giving homage to Lord Satta Natha who will give them the good knowledge of arguments, which could help to boost the devotees with fame and progress.

Swarna Akarshana Moorthy

Most glorious sense, we can witness in the image of Swarnaakarshana Moorthy. With the crescent moon on head presents the mood of happiness. Kubera is the richest in the Divine land. Lord Shiva gets the gold from Kubera and gives the same to his devotees. A pot, full of Gold is also seen in the image. We have one story for reference. Once “Saint Adhi Sankara” went to a house of a poor family, the lady of the home could not be able give any thing to saint Sankara who after knowing the situation of poverty, composed hymn upon Lord Shiva. The “Kanakadhara” stothram is one of the most powerful hymns to create wealth. Soon after the completion of hymn, saint Shankara had the powers to bless that poor lady with gold.
Lord Shiva is having His blessing hand in the right side and the pot of gold is also in the same side, but in the second hand. The devotees with sincere devotion and prayer can have all comforts and become rich. The word “Swarna Akarshana” relates to Gold only.

Mainly the family ladies who need wealth should worship this image for His blessings. God “Swarna Akarshana Moorthy” is graceful to yield the prosperity with wealth.


Thathpurusha Moorthy

The Birth is by spontaneous generation. All the births of humanity are deemed to be with kindness, self-consciousness and justice. Thus the character develops. Humanity spreads with the base of love, duty and unity. Lord Shiva, by virtue of all his justful actions, saves the world and people. So, the people should have the faith in God. The God - fearing nature rules every one from detaching himself of the sinful doings. The fellow men and the neighbors will be giving the respect which will guide to create a peaceful way of living. Lord Thathpurusha Moorthy teaches lesson to follow the practice of meditation. Several persons do “Yoga” (Keeping Body and mind in suitable way) and their health and life are systematic to observe the fitness. We look Lord Shiva in the state of meditation. “Thathpurusha Moorthy” is a teacher here, to conduct the human - lives and all other for perfect ness. It is the duty of mankind to hear the lessons and follow the norms.

Mainly students, professors, and the leaders of families should devote the homage to this deity.


Thiruvattaru Kaalareeswara Moorthy
In general kaalan gives the meaning of time. The word kalan is to be split as Kalam + Avan. In one sense kalam represents age. When we deeply think it is the end, which cuts the earthly life and allow for next form. The temple of Lord Shree Kesava (another form of Lord Mahavishnu) is at Thiruvattaaru. This temple is an ancient temple in the southern part of India. In this temple (deity) Lord Shiva is in dancing pose. His feet are laid on the body of Yama, the authority to put an end to every one’s life. Lord Shiva’s face is with anger. His eyes are piercing on the neck of Yama. The thing we understand from this position is that Lord Shiva always hears to the call of devotees and rescues them. As for as the divinely matters referred all the saints say that Lord Shiva is always generous to give boons. To get boons from Lord Mahavishnu is difficult. Here Lord Shiva shows his mercy. Even if one’s destiny ends on particular time, he is giving shelter and rejects Yama’s interference. The said time of departure from world is modified as per his powers. All the devotees are expected to understand about kalam and Kalaarreeswara.

Prayers for Lord Kaalarreeswara give long life with happiness. Those who are in need of good health and recovery from sickness they should pray this image to get a speedy recovery.

Thri Muka Rudhra Moorthy

In this Image of Thrimuka Rudhra Lord Shiva is lifting up his right leg and blesses all in the universe. His three faces are with big moustaches. He is dressed with silk cloths. A weapon called "Katwanngam" is in his left hand. This presence is in the nature of support. People who are having many engagements and many duties, they have to practice to do the jobs with smartness and perfect ness. The grip points of energy and speedy executions every one should acquire, extra strength, and sensitive brain. Now a day, the computer operations, electronic equipments, and the handlings of generators all such quick deeds should be done with brisk knowledge. The people engaged in Aviation, Flights, War fields and in the Mining work definitely need the intelligence. The influence, fame and prosperity reaches to all persons who do the heart felt prayers to this deity.

All such persons should follow the practice to devote time to worship Lord Thri Muka Rudhra who renders the essential brain-power with huge knowledge to  every body.


Thrayakshara Mruthyunjaya Moorthy

 Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma are the creations of Adhi Parashakthi. This comes from Parasakthi purana. Lord Brahma creates the life. Lord Vishnu protects the life and Lord Shiva destroys the life. The three happenings are fixed and the life on earth thus continues. Mruthyunjayar is a form of Lord Shiva. The Yama bhaya (fear) will be there to all from the child hood to old age. The Yama is the killer. He puts an end to life by way of sickness, accident and many other reasons. Mruthyunjayar rescues the sufferers. He is seated on lotus. His face is full of grace. In his Right hand he holds a rope, which ties the troubles. The other hand shows "Abhaya Mudra"- blessing symbol. In his left hands a deer and Rudhraksha are present. Rudhraksha is a small chain made with sacred beads. Yama, the killer is said to be obedient to Lord Shiva and that the name Thrayakshara Mruthyunjayar is suited to Lord Shiva. As his moola mantra consists of three letters this image of Lord Shiva is called as Thrayakshara Mruthyunjaya Moorthy.

Devotees, those who are ill and facing serious surgeries should worship Lord Mruthyunjayar who rescues the life and relieve the sufferings.

Thripaadha Thri Moorthy

'Ekham' is one. This 'oneness' is defined to the mammoth unity of Lord Brahma, Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Shiva. They are respectively creator, protector and destroyer of the World. Every deity in unity, continue together and give 'Dharshan' in this image "Thri Paatha Thri Moorthy. Lord Shiva occupies the centre and His right side is occupied by Lord Brahma and the left side is occupied by Lord Vishnu. “Thriac-Ekham" defines the existence of three deities in the human body, that’s why the human body is called as Thregham. God exists every where. The three feet of Thri moorthy' and one body of three deities exhibit the nature of undividable quality which rules for functioning of the earth and all the worlds. People who pray the Lord Thri Moorthy will have the balanced mind in all their routines of jobs. They will be blessed with the capability and perfection.

Persons doing the profession in creative Unit of assembling and manufacturing will have to devote the time with Lord Thripaada thrimoorthy for their welfare and progress.


Thripura Anthaka Moorthy

Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma are the trinity to fulfill the routine needs of the entire universe. Lord Shiva is sharing his part for destruction. In mythology, the notes are seen that two demon kings were living with great powers. By the virtue of their severe penance they received the boons to hold metallic forts. The biggest in size with the biggest area. In such types there were three in numbers. Those forts were capable of flying upon an area and destroy the devotees. They were mercilessly doing the atrocities to the human beings. All the sages and devotees joined together and prayed for the help of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva with his tremendous powers fought with the demons and destroyed them. All the three forts were also demolished. The devotees felt happy and continued their duties with out fear. For mankind, it is the grace of Lord Shiva, who blesses one and all for a comfortable living. Those who fear to face big enemies and big powers are the persons to be examined here. First the profession and job circles will be facing the unjust action from the higher level. In family one could behave with all the sincerity, even than treated severely. All such sufferers should pray “Thripura anthaka moorthy” who blesses the devotees and rescues from trouble.

Uma Maheshwara Moorthy
Shivaloga is the place of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva, Umadevi (Goddess Parvathy), Vigneshwara (Lord Ganesha) and Karthikeya (Lord Subramanya) are seen in this form. Umadevi is the wife Lord Shiva. Ganesha and Subramanya are the sons of Lord Shiva. The Tamil month “Masi”, on the day of Maha Shivaratri (specific night of a day) all the Devotees, Divines, Indra, and even Lord Mahavishnu and Lord Brahma used to attend to the festive day and celebrate the Shivaratri. Lord Shiva is pleased to fulfill the ambitions of the mankind for Prosperity, peace and happy life. This day the devotees will be continuing their prayer through out the night. Only after twenty four hours, they will go to sleep. The pure devotion and concentration of worship will give more self - confidence and strong will.

It is from child hood to old age; all can follow and get the boons of Lord Shiva.

Umaiyoru Baga Moorthy
The devotees of Lord Shiva were of different natures. Once the Bringi Rishi came to Shivaloga for the Dharsan of “Lord Shiva”. The God was not alone. He was with His wife Goddess Umadevi. The Rishi after waiting for long time could not be able to worship Lord Shiva. Several people, they know only one but it is a firm thing. They do not know anything else. Giving importance to other is also not their habit. Being the strong devotee to Lord Shiva, the Rishi changed himself as ‘Vandu’ (an insect like Bee) and flew around the right leg of the Lord Shiva and worshipped. Goddess Umadevi got angry and the entire blood and flesh of the Rishi was taken away as punishment of Umadevi. The theory is this that in every one’s body Lord Shiva is in the form of bone, and the other like flesh and blood are of Umadevi. Knowing the pitiable state of Rishi, Lord Shiva gave him shelter with a stick and the peacock-feather. Being husband and wife Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi merged in one form sharing right half to be of the Lord and the left half to be of Umadevi. So, no one could separate them. No one should ask any boon with out the help of Goddess Umadevi. All devotees should pray Lord Shiva in this form of Umaiyoru baga moorthy. This exposes a belief, which could never separate Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. It is ascertained. So, the whole theory deepens the solidarity of Shakthi and Shiva in one form. That is the truth imposed in every heart of the devotees.

In several cases, the under officials, may not be obliging with the justful needs but one can deal with head of the department directly. Even if we get sanction, the under officials can create delay or spoil the whole thing. In such a calamity, the prayer to Umaiyoru baga Moorthy will help them to get success.

Umaiyudan Sukaasana Moorthy

Lord Shiva gives the blissful appearance with Goddess Umadevi. This form presents a nature of grace. When we look a family bestowed with kindness, cheer, nobility and happiness, that itself will resemble the godliness. When we see the divine family of supreme Lord Shiva, there could be no worries, miseries, and disappointments. Lord Shiva grants the blessings in a spontaneous way, when He is accompanied with His wife Goddess Umadevi. All the devotees who pray this Lord, who is with gracefully accommodated presence, will have peaceful life. One can find several controversies inside the family. Certain times the behaviors of life mate will be in vibration. A type of oscillation in their character should interfere. Smooth understanding and adjustability between husband and wife is most important. Crisis in family matters, finance, status, personal weakness and habits will be the cause of quarrels. Like these affairs good families will have to face troubles to get rid of unpleasant scenes inside the family, the pure devotion and soul hearted prayers are to be done. Let us worship Lord Umaiyudan Sukaasana Moorthy and get his blessings. This leads for eternal peace also.

Unmattha Rudhrar

The name "Unmattha" denotes anything that is extraordinary. We see Lord Shiva as mad man. When he came as a Bikshadana, he had an earthen pot to collect food. In all occasions God comes as a human being and teach us lessons. Humanity and divinity are different to each other. The supreme rank will be with divinity. In furious state, Lord Shiva is having skull and bone on his head, a horse is standing in his backside. The great saint called "Sundharar" worshipped Lord Shiva on the title "Pittha" (mad). Here Lord's action is hailed as an action of ordinary man. A person who guards the cremation ground and cremates the dead bodies. Lord Brahma is in duty of creation and Lord Mahavishnu is in the duty of protection. Lord's engagement in cremation ground is quiet in accordance to his duty.

Warriors, navigators, aviators, police officials and persons dealing with inflammable substances should worship "Unmattha Rudhrar", who certainly looks after the welfare of the devotees.


Vaama Deva Moorthy

The appearance of Lord Vaama Deva Moorthy impresses all of us with wisdom. Rudhraksha-mala (sacred beads in the form of small chain) in his hand tells us the greatness of meditation. Fourth face, facing the western direction is called the “Vaama Deva Moorthy”. Lord Shiva is the author for Rig Veda which is considered as a most important one to the human kind. One could learn all the four Vedas but to understand the absolute meanings more and more knowledge is needed. The man kind adopts just a preliminary way of approach. Great saint ‘Veda Vyasa’ describes the Vedas are in shape of ‘cow’ and the Upanishads are in shape of ‘milk’ of the cow. The followers of Upanishads (Vedic Theories) are very rare and the habits of the society are also changing to adversity. The soul, the mind, and thoughts are to be focused in prayer.

The people like pundits, Vedic teachers, professors, and those who are engaged in educational institution should devote regular time to worship the Lord Vaama Deva Moorthy.


Veena Dhakshina Moorthy
The title gives a pleasant atmosphere with the musical instrument "Veena". This is giving a relation to art. Lord Shiva is engaged in music. The story is this that Rishis Sanaka, Sananthana, Sanaatana, and Sanathkumara wanted to learn the music described in Sama Veda. They met Lord Shiva and expressed their desires. Lord Shiva asked them to be seated under a banyan tree. Lord Shiva sat in a meditating pose and taught them music. First thing He taught was silence; His first right hand and the first left hand were holding a Veena. Second left hand is holding a burning ball to give light. Knowledge is light. Ignorance is darkness. The burning ball is the symbol of knowledge “Veena Dhakshina Moorthy is the deity best for the students and teachers. Teachers by worshipping Lord Shiva will be blessed with good teaching capacity. Now a day not only the education is to be credited, all the arts, fine arts, handicraft and manufacturing of small products are all merited. Lord Veena Dhakshina Moorthy favors all of the artists, singers, dancers, television people, and computer persons and students.

Devotees praying Him will be blessed with best knowledge.

Veera Bhadhra Moorthy

Once Dhakshan, the father of "Umadevi" performed a grand yagna. (Ritual before fire) Though Dhakshan was the father in law of Lord Shiva, he refused to invite Lord Shiva to participate in that yagna. But Umadevi wife of Lord Shiva longed to attend the yagna. It was against the will of her husband. She went to Dhakshan's yagna. She faced disrespect from her father, in the yagna function. She committed suicide at that yagna-sala itself. By knowing this matter Lord Shiva went to his father-in-law's palace in the shape of Veerabhadra and killed his father in law by cutting off his head. Then Lord Shiva with his super power made his wife to come alive. At that time the other deities prayed Lord Shiva to give life to Dhakshan being his father-in-law. All the deities wanted the yagna to be completed. So Lord Shiva placed a goat's head to Dhakshan's body and gave life to him also. In this form Lord Shiva appears with a big moustache in his face. He is in standing position.As Lord Shiva took place in a war and involved in a nature of enemity, the devotees in their life facing such troubles should follow worshiping "Veerabhadhra Moorthy" for the suitable remedy.

By worshipping this image the devotees will be blessed with progress in all fields of life.

Veera Sadhashiva Moorthy

Bhavas are of nine Kinds of expressions, so called as Nava Rasa Bhava. This connects to the tendencies of manners which could be exhibited during the involvement of deeds. Veera is thus represented in the deeds of heroic ventures. Lord Shiva the conqueror of everything is here prayed by the devotees as "Veera Sadha Shiva ". He is blessing his devotees sitting upon the throne. The magnanimity of the idol renders hopes like or magnetism. The devotion with pure heart will bring fruits of success to one and all. Lord Shiva is holding a cut head of a demon on one hand. That shows the brave and victorious deed. In human life, people after finishing studies, getting appointments, or starting new trades should have the blessings of Lord Veera Sadhashiva Moorthy. He is the savior and supporter for every thing at every moment.

Several persons are coming out successfully in their litigationsby the blessing of Lord Shiva in this form. At the hour of need "Veera Sadhashiva" is always with his devotees.

Veera Moorthy

Here we happen to look the image “VEERA” with a strength and brave nature. A big snake is around his neck. Big moustaches enhance the appearance to be fearful. The blessings hand and the other one with Trisoola are with a nature of guarding his devotees. Many people are still with fear for everything. When the mothers bring up the children they should teach lessons on the Heroes and Gods who come out successfully after the destruction of evils.The pious nature and the obedience are essential but to behave always as slaves with lot of fear is not advisable. In travels and going alone in new places, the confidence in protection and safe guarding the things, they should posses certain braveness. The deity “Veera Moorthy” when worshipped with devotion the essential strength, confidence and the braveness will be granted. For elderly persons also, we look in several families with so much of cowardly gestures. Even if they look a small insect, they will run away. These types of fear may lead to the status of unfitness to lead their families.

If the people with fearful nature begin to worship, ‘Lord Veera Moorthy’ they will become bold, step by step.


Vidai Meethamarndha Moorthy
The "Nandhi" is the mount of Lord Shiva. Nandhi is a Bull. Vidai is the word in Tamil for Bull. Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvathi (Umadevi) are seated upon "Nandhi". This is the atmosphere of loga-paripalana (protection of the universe). All the worlds, beings, and creations are looked with magnanimity. This image is a symbol of benevolence. The unlimited kindness is seen in the faces of Lord Shiva with the Goddess Umadevi.
The devotees when they happen to look this image will be freed from all kinds of sorrow and depression. The pure devotion to Lord Shiva leads to the success and prosperity.
This appearance is so called as Shiva and Shakthi. This unity is most helpful to those who are in the state of getting married. Suitable bride or bridegroom as partner in life will be settled for a happy future. Vidai Meethamarntha Moorthy and the prayers to him will boost the life of devotees.

Persons with involvement in family as well as the newly wedded couple should have the practice to meditate the Lord Shiva who is the savior for one.

Vidamunda Kanda Moorthy

Languages and grammars were created by Lord Shiva. Venom in English, Visham in Sanskrit and Vidam in Tamil, all the three words give the meaning Poison. The title gives the meaning of eating the poison. Lord Shiva is named as “Vidamunda Kanda Moorthy”. The Divines and Demons jointly entered in to a great job to obtain “Amirtha” (Sacred Nectar to give deathless life). It was to be churned in depth of milky ocean. Demons and Divines concluded to share the Nectar as and when the job completed. A big mountain “Meru” was selected as churner. Long snake in place of rope was taken to encircle on the churner. Too big and great were the instruments. Mount Meru was in middle duly circled by snake. Head side of snake was operated by Demons and the tail side of snake was handled by Divines. The churning started. As expected ‘Amirtha’ did not come. The venom came first in huge quantity. Both Demons and Divines could not bear the destroying power of poison. They prayed Lord Shiva appeared there, took the venom and began to swallow it. Goddess Umadevi, finding the dangerous act of her husband Lord Shiva. She caught the neck of her husband by her hand and stopped the venom at the throat of her husband. The Almighty Shiva’s act of benevolence were praised and honored by Divines and Demons. Then they continued the job of acquiring the ‘Nectar’. When any body calls Him for help, Lord Shiva will be there as a Savior.

Before commencing big projects, construction and any of normal jobs it is essential to pay homage to Lord Vidamunda Kanda Moorthy.

Vigneswara Prasanna Moorthy

Interesting myth about the God Vigneswara is to be known by all. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi are treated by devotees as Father and Mother to all and that they named the couple as “Ammai Appan". Ammai Parvathi liked to have a child. She asked her husband to bless a child for her. Since the Lord is of the theory He have neither beginning nor the ending and exist everywhere, the importance of child did not rise.One day when Ammai Parvathi was bathing in a pool. She asked her son not to permit any body in. Lord Shiva met with an encounter with the boy. The boy was ferocious to attack Lord Shiva who then cut off the head of the boy. Ammai Parvathi came to the scene and begged the Lord to give life to the boy. Lord Shiva then annexed a head of the elephant to the body of the boy. He felt happy to see his boy with great strength. He was called as "Vigneshwara". He gave boon to Vigneshwara to be regarded as a first Deity in all the festivals of divine land and world. Thus we do the first homage to Lord Vigneshwar and commence the continuation of any ritual and Pooja.

By worshipping this image of Lord Shiva, one can get rid of all kids of hurdles in the routine life.

Virinchi Rudhra Moorthy

We can observe an excellent view in the form of Virinchi Rudhra Moorthy. Lord Shiva is seen here just like Lord Brahma. The virinchi is a word with a close connection to the task of creation. Lord Brahma, the creator of human beings and other lives on earth. He is the authority for knowledge and wisdom. The sensitivity to all beings and plants is bestowed by Lord Brahma. Whole creations of stars earth and worlds are being the conducts of ‘Trimoorthy’. Three great Lords in unity take care of the functioning. So the joint establishments are exposed every where in several types of idols. Here Lord Shiva is dressed with silk and has the ‘Rudhraksha’ and a small pot with holy water. He appears like Lord Brahma. His benevolent presence is with full of knowledge and wisdom. Virinchi gives the meaning of blossom. Every body’s knowledge will have to attain the fertility.

Those who dedicate the time with devotion and worship Lord Shiva, in the form of “Virinchi rudhra moorthy”,  it is affirmed to say that the devotees will be blessed with vast knowledge. The scientists, journalists, and students will be getting all the favors and developments in their career.

Vishnu Dharmotthara Rudhra Moorthy

This image is with sixteen hands. Lord Shiva looks like a forest man with beard and a big belly. His accouterments of arms in all hands resemble as if the Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are in a combined manner. This is the form of Lord Shiva, who brought the Atharva Veda Thantra, called Vishnu Darmotthara Thantra. This thantra is also called as Vishnu maalya Thantra. In the right side hands we can see Trisoolam, garland of Rudhraksha, sword, axe, arrow, curved stick, ‘ Sudharsana’ (the destroying wheel) and a musical drum with snake. His left side hands, we can observe a vessel with the blood of enemies, palm leaves (sacred mantras) herald, stick, bow, Paanchajanya (a conch) and a rope. On several occasions, the diabolic and the wicked attacks are in an invisible way, the Demons imposed upon Lord Shiva but no one could win Him. Such the solemnity with excessive power the Almighty guards the human beings and the lives on earth. The powers of Trisoolam and sudharsana have the strong target of destruction of forceful evils.

Those who are worried with evil sprits, Jaadu, seivinai, Black magic and evil dhrishty (bad look of others) will have the timely cure and blessings of Lord Shiva.


Yaanai Uritha Moorthy

Once upon a time there lived a demon called “gaja asura”. The Demon was lawless. He was cruel to mankind and divines. So they were not at all treated well for the discipline, honesty and justice. The Gaja Asura in a form of Elephant entered all of sudden in the ‘Yaga Sala’ (The Sacred place to perform rituals before the fire-god). The atrocities like spoiling the Yagna as well as killing the devotees of Lord Shiva were continued by him. Lord Shiva, the savior with His great weapon “Trisoolam” appeared at the spot and killed the Demon Gaja Asura after a big war. This incidence is defined in the idol which is presenting the victory of Lord Shiva who is holding the tusk of the elephant on the hand. The head of Elephant is lying at his feet. Yaanai uritha moorthy is the name for Lord Shiva since he killed Gaja asura. Devotees, with several debacle, hindrances and hurdles in their noble tasks, should get success.

This form Yaanai Uritha Moorthy when prayed will relieve all kinds of troubles and give a successful life.

Yoga Rudhra Moorthy

Once upon a time, the world was covered with darkness. The saint and sages called all the Rishis and studied the position and reason for the darkness. The community of demons was increasing and the light to the earth was decreasing. All the Rishis with Saint, ‘Pragadharana’ started the yagna (sacred Fire) and prayed the Lord Shiva for the rescue of universe. Lord Shiva appeared before the yagna and put a part of him in the sacred fire. A kid called ‘Yoga Rudhra’ came from the yagna. He was very beautiful with a garland of pearl. With the benediction of this God, the mankind and devotees were able to get the light and heat to the world. Where there is darkness, the need of a Lamp is essential that Lamp is “Lord Shiva”. The homage to ‘Yoga Rudhra Moorthy’ is most important for those who have dull brain. The Power of knowledge and the wisdom will reach them, and that they can live with happiness.
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